Wet Wipe Warmers That Will Soothe Your Baby During Diaper Changes

The worst thing a mother can hear is her newborn crying, and when it’s during a diaper change, that can make the process already more difficult than it already might be. However, there are a few simple tweaks you can make to limit those cries, and one of the easiest adjustments you can make is to enlist a wet wipe warmer into your baby’s changing routine. Chances are that the ice-cold temperature of the wet wipes are a bit shocking to them, which results in some crying (we don’t blame them). Warm wipes will help soothe them (and their bottom) during the diaper-change process, making it more enjoyable for you too!

The best part about wet wipe warmers is that they boast quite a few other features that will make your life easier as a busy parent. Most, if not all, wet wipe warmers are designed with a built-in night light, so you don’t have to turn on the blinding nursery room lights during a diaper change in the middle of the night. You can also say goodbye to dried-out wet wipes. Using a wet wipes warmer will lock in freshness and keep wipes moist, so you’ll never have to toss out a dried wipe again. Below, check out the best wet wipe warmers that will round out your diaper changing experience, so you can actually look forward to diaper changes.

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1. Prince Lionheart Compact Wipes Warmer

You never know when you’ll need to do an impromptu diaper change while you’re at the park or while you’re out eating with family, but this easily portable wet wipe warmer will make cleaning up a snap. It’s small enough to fit in a diaper bag, and even features a wall and car adapter so you can secure it to a surface. The antimicrobial interior ensures that your wipes will not just be warm, but they’ll also be sanitized. If you lose power or access to it, the dispenser will even keep wipes warm up to an hour after unplugging the device. So whether you have a little one who needs regular diaper changes or an active family who will need quick clean ups from soccer practice to dinner, enlist this Prince Lionheart wipes warmer into your daily routine to stay fresh wherever you go.

Prince Lionheart Wet Wipes Dispenser
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2. Hiccapop Wet Wipe Warmer

If you’re constantly reaching for a wet wipe, you’ll want to choose a wet wipe dispenser that can handle a heavy load. This Hiccapop wet wipe warmer holds up to a week’s worth of wet wipes, so you won’t have to continuously worry about refilling the dispenser. The low-voltage power adapter and safety fuse will give you peace of mind in the event of a sudden power surge in your home wiring, so you know that your family will be safe when using this device. This modern dispenser also features a built-in changing light so you don’t have to turn on the nursery’s bright lights for a midnight diaper change, and they automatically shut off after 10 minutes. You have enough things to worry about with a baby, and this smart machine will take care of a few things for you to eliminate your ever-evolving to-do list.

Hiccapop Wet Wipe Warmer
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3. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

Wet wipes cost a pretty penny, so it’s always disappointing when they instantly turn brown and dry out. Luckily, this Munchkin Warm Glow wipe warmer will make that a problem of the past with its efficient way of keeping wipes moist. This wet warmer moistens the wipes from the top down, which ensures that the wipe you grab for on top is always fresh and moist. This dispenser holds up to 100 wipes, so you can minimize how many times you need to refill it (because we know you have one or two other things to do). The soft night light has a genius 10-minute auto shut off feature and has low voltage so you’ll never have to worry about safety issues. When refilling the dispenser, simply pour up to half a cup of water over the wipes to provide moisture, and you’ll be set! Plus, you can get this set of two so you’ll always be stocked up.

Munchkin Wet Wipes Warmer
Image: Amazon.


4. GoGo Pure Baby Wet Wipe Warmer

Say goodbye to guessing if the wet wipes are warm enough to soothe your baby with this compact GoGo Pure wet wipe warmer. It holds up to 100 wipes of any brand, which will decrease the amount of refills you need to do, and the easy-to-use button makes turning the device off and on a breeze when you’re in a hurry. With the specially designed flip top lid and silicone seal, wipes will stay fresh and moist — no more dried-out surprises when you go to reach for a wipe during a messy diaper change. The most unique aspect of the design is the transparent container, which allows you to see just how many wipes are left. That way, you’ll never have to worry about running out of wipes again.


GoGo Pure Wet Wipe Warmer
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5. Dex Products Wipe Warmer

The worst thing that can happen when you reach for a wipe during a messy diaper-change situation is if the wipes are completely shriveled and brown. Enlist this nifty, insulated wet wipe warmer to prevent the unwanted toss-out you may have to face if you keep your wipes in the original packaging. It holds over 80 wipes, so you won’t have to restock continuously. To make baby happy and soothe them during diaper changes, the dual top-heating feature ensures that the wipes on top will always be warm and ready to go. Safety is always the upmost importance, and because it’s low voltage, you’ll never have to be worried about any potential hazards.


Dex Wet Wipes Warmer Amazon
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