5 Times Ashley Graham Was Our #NormalizeBreastfeeding Hero

Ashley Graham’s son, Isaac, is only 5 weeks old, but already she is proving to be a model mom for the rest of us in more ways than one. In particular, we’re impressed with her total comfort with breastfeeding the little guy in public and on camera.

Her public breastfeeding journey began when her son with husband Justin Ervin was two weeks old, and they introduced baby Isaac on her YouTube show, Pretty Big Deal.

Isaac was off-screen napping for most of the show, but when he finally woke up, she plopped him on her boob and let him nurse away. Though the camera was on Ervin and away from Graham for the latch-on process, the fact that the edit was so quick makes us a wee bit jealous of how easy it seemed.

The following week, Graham shared a “coffee and milk” outing, as she and Isaac enjoyed their morning beverages at a Brooklyn café.

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The model was less glam more recently, when she showed us what breastfeeding looks like for her at home. “Multitasking Sunday,” she wrote of a pic of herself in bed and on her phone as Isaac nursed. This is all such a natural extension of Graham’s willingness to bare all to her fans.

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multitasking sunday

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On Tuesday, Graham reached a new milestone in breastfeeding, which she marked with a video on her Instagram Stories.

“First pump in an Uber,” she wrote. “Ever so slightly awkward.”

Ashley Graham Pumps in Uber
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If Graham wasn’t being sarcastic about that “ever so slightly,” then she’s even more impressive than we thought, because pumping is the worst. Maybe it’s just me, but without the snuggling cute baby in hand, it feels more than slightly awkward to strip down and attach a plastic contraption to your breasts. And yet, that’s precisely how working moms like Graham (and I) can keep the breastfeeding journey going while not cutting into the other things that need to get done. When we see moms like her pulling out the pump in a car service, we can all feel so much better about doing the same.

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