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Reese Witherspoon’s Son Schools Her on ‘Dapping’ & She’s Basically a Cool Teen Now

Actor, glam mom, business entrepreneur and fab Southerner Reese Witherspoon is now, basically, also a cool teen. And it’s all thanks to her many spot-on “How to Teen in 2020” lessons courtesy of her 16-year-old (very patient) son Deacon Phillippe.

Back in September, we were first introduced to Witherspoon and Phillippe’s mother-son hilarity when Phillippe tried to teach Mama Reese about teen social media phenom TikTok. And did he succeed? Well, we’ll let you be the judge.

“Deacon,” Witherspoon began. “This is very important. I brought you here because I have questions for you. It’s about TikTok.”

“Oh god,” Phillippe responds. But, kind kid that he is, he explains the platform to his mom and even goes on to assist her majorly fantastic / awkward dance moves in her very first TikTok feature.

But don’t worry: Witherspoon, ever the dedicated mom, has only just begun her investigative studies of The Youths. And this week, she and Deacon are back — this time, with a dapping lesson.

“It’s basically just a handshake that I do with my friends,” Phillippe explains when she asks him about dapping.

“Will you teach me how to dap?” Witherspoon asks.

“Of course,” he replies, cementing his reputation as sweetest teen ever. But Deacon’s not totally immune to being mombarassed: At the start of the video, Witherspoon asks her son whether her dapping should also include sound effects.

“Do you make a noise or anything?”

“No, you don’t make a noise,” he laughs. “That’s weird.”


We’ll admit we’re right there with Mindy Kaling, who commented on the post: “The Reese and @deaconphillippe show is all I want to see.” I mean really, when does their YouTube series launch?

For more on How to Teen (that’s what the kids say, right?) check out our A to Z guide to teen slang.

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