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Chrissy Teigen Says She Gets Mom-Shamed For This One Thing the Most

Supermodel, cookbook author, and Great Twitter Wit Of Our Time Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to mom-shaming. (I mean honestly, is any mom?) So what, exactly, does she get shamed for, courtesy of her 28 million Instagram followers?

“It’s pretty much everything,” Teigen told TODAY Parents this week.

We hear you, Chrissy. A quick poll of SheKnows moms showed that among our staff alone, we have been publicly shamed for: breastfeeding, not breastfeeding, ordering coffee while pregnant, allowing our kids to watch TV, allowing a baby to go hatless in 68-degree weather, bouncing a baby on the subway, breastfeeding on the subway, breastfeeding while standing up, traveling without a stroller, traveling with a stroller, allowing a child to eat corn (because of “the sugars” lolll), putting a kid in a coat in a carseat, not putting a kid in a coat in a carseat, sleep training of course…the list goes on.

Teigen feels us on the carseats and the TV: “If they get a glimpse of the car seat there is a lot of buckle talk,” Teigen told TODAY. “Maybe for one half of a second, the strap slipped down. And TV is another big one. We have TV on a lot in my house. John and I work on television; we love watching television.”

But what is Teigen’s #1 mom-shaming “offense”? It’s all what she feeds her kids. So, we guess she’s been feeding Luna and Miles a lot of corn. (Again, the corn thing is just baffling to me).

“Any time I post a picture of them holding ribs or eating sausage, I get a lot of criticism,” Teigen told the outlet. “Vegans and vegetarians are mad and feel that we are ‘forcing’ meat upon them at a young age. They freak out.”

Ugh. We know we write “people really need to chill” around here a lot, but seriously people really need to chill. And for the record (for the shamers, rather), a vegetarian diet is absolutely not necessary for healthy kids.

“Often, there is a misconception that vegetarian automatically equals healthy, and that’s simply not accurate. If a child’s vegetarian diet is filled with processed convenience foods such as veggie hot dogs or veggie chips, they will be missing out on important nutrients for growth and development. This is particularly an issue for vegetarian diets that do not include dairy or eggs,” clinical dietitian-nutritionist Ilisa Nussbaum tells SheKnows. She adds that “The biggest complication I encounter when treating vegetarian kids is suboptimal growth as a result of inadequate caloric intake. Often, well-intentioned parents will give kids healthy vegetarian foods that are high in fiber. These foods are filling and can result in the child not eating enough calories.”

Hear that, haters? You meanies leave Chrissy and her kids — and their sausages — alone! And leave the rest of us moms alone too while you’re at it. Can’t we all just put our kids in their carseats in peace, coat or no coat? Isn’t that why cars have climate-control, anyway?

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