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Chrissy Teigen Says Miles is “a Teenager Now” & His Outfit Proves It

It’s official: Chrissy Teigen and I are both parenting pint-sized adolescents.

I swear 90% of the Instagram comments I now receive about my newly-turned 4-year-old and his uncannily mature facial expressions of angst are variations of “omgaaaah SO OLD” — and I know our #MomGoals favorite Chrissy Teigen (we’re friends, you know, in my heart at least) is right there with me. She posted this gem of a hip-kid shot of her 18-month-old son Miles this week, rocking his graphic hoodie, bright-white tiny kicks, and — am I seeing this right? Are those…cuffed red trousers??

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ok I guess we are a teenager now

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Yep, pretty sure they’re cuffed red trousers.

“Ok I guess we are a teenager now,” Teigen captioned the post, and we have to agree. This level of kid-chic is pretty much only reserved for the spawn of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. And while Luna has her own stronghold in tiara fashion and makeup critique, Miles is constantly holding down the fort when it comes to uber-trendy casual wear. Hell, he even looks cool in a cloud-printed bib while getting his hair cut (and just look at that bored mug; he’s a teen-in-training if we ever saw one).

Oh, and let’s not forget Mile’s 20-month fact-board photo debut in this matching top-and-bottom brown jogger set printed with…IDK peanuts? Bears? Guesses welcome. Either way, he looks damn cool.

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🐻 update!

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“Feeling pure happiness and joy…” Teigen wrote on Instagram in December about her family time over the holidays. “Feeling like my kids are currently theeee perfect age, keeping me on my toes and seeing their new found personalities and active little minds shine every day.”

It’s clear Teigen is loving every minute of parenting — yes, even these trying teenager years. Wait, what do you mean he’s not two yet?

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