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This 8-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party in Target Is #Goals

It’s no secret how much most of us love Target. With its wide selection and affordable products — where we get everything from workout gear to groceries — the big red retailer is pretty much every mama’s one-stop-shop dream. So it should come as no surprise that our kids are growing fond of Target, too. The latest (totally adorable) proof: Brayden Lawrence, an 8-year-old girl from Atlanta, who loves Target so much that she spent her birthday at her local store with 10 friends. “Brayden is obsessed with Target,” Rikki Jackson, Lawrence’s aunt, told CNN. “She will literally just ask to go walk up and down the aisles. She loves it and will spend hours in Target.”

You’re probably wondering, what does a birthday party at Target entail? Well, everyone wore red shirts and khakis, for starters. And, of course, they ate cookies and cake with Target’s signature bullseye. What’s more, they had a fun-filled scavenger hunt throughout the store with walkie talkies that ended with Slurpees at the Icee machine. 

“She was in awe! She was so excited when Albert, the manager, made them their name tags!” Jackson tells SheKnows. “I think that’s when all of us were like woah, this is real, we did it. All she kept saying to my sister (her mom) was ‘momma, you did that! This is so cool!'”  See the beyond-cute pics below:

The fun didn’t stop at the uniforms and name tags, either. Jackson wrote on Twitter: “We bought all the kids gift cards to spend on an item of their choice and my niece got to check them out! Thanks so much @Target Campcreek!!!!” she added. 

In our opinion, the best part was when Brayden stood at register number eight to check out her friends’ items that they purchased with their allotted gift cards. “They bought the cutest little things: dolls and plush stuffed animals, candy, coloring/drawing tools, basketballs, small games and books,” Jackson tells She Knows. Brayden also wore an adorable sparkly red jacket (from Target of course) when greeting her friends at the cash register.

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Courtesy of Rikki Jackson Courtesy of Rikki Jackson

We should note here that Target doesn’t typically host birthday parties, but Brayden’s family got special permission from the store manager and left before peak hours began. 

Sound like a birthday bash your little one would love? Hopefully, more retailers will take a cue and open their stores for birthday parties. Who knows? Maybe a big-box-retailer bash is in your kid’s future!

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