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Blake Lively Answers That Work-Life Balance Question the Way We All Wish We Could

Every mom is different, of course. But while Blake Lively’s latest quote about her three daughters probably resonates with many of us, it’s also a stark reminder of how much easier parenting must be with money and privilege.

At the Michael Kors show for New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, E! News asked her a variation of that inevitable “How do you balance work and family?” question, only it was a slightly more nuanced, “How do you choose between the roles now with three kids?”

“I guess I really have to really, really, really, really love it, because I’m just obsessed with my kids,” the Rhythm Section star said. “So, yeah, I think it’s gotta really be worth it to take me away.”

There’s so much to unpack in this little exchange:

1) I want to see more reporters ask Hollywood fathers this question, because it seems like the expectation is that they should drop everything at home to take all the roles, while mothers have to be the picky ones. In this case, however, we know that Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, does make his own sacrifices for his family and his wife’s career. He told People last year that they make it a point not to make movies at the same time.

2) I’m super curious about what “obsessed with my kids” means to Lively. When you have a baby — let alone a 5-year-old, a 2-year-old and a baby — you have little choice but to think of your kids every minute of the day. Is she somehow going further than that? Considering the fact that she’s been able to promote a movie and attend New York Fashion Week, she’s probably at healthy levels of obsession.

3) It me. My kid comes into every single calculation of how I spend my time, so work does have to be “worth it.” Before being a mom, I didn’t bat an eyelash when a job required night and weekend commitments. Now, I’ve said no to a lot of those gigs, even when it meant my career would suffer.

But… 4) This is the most privileged position I can imagine. So many moms in this country have to take any work they can get — often two jobs — regardless of whether they “really, really love it.” To them, being able to feed and shelter their families is what makes their work worth it, even if they too are obsessed with their kids.

This is nothing against the Lively-Reynolds family. I guess it’s just a reminder that all women need a livable wage and good, affordable childcare options. That’s something we should all be obsessed with.

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