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Kim Kardashian West Shared Photos of North Befriending Snakes & Spiders

North West may be a budding fashionista who loves wearing lipstick, but being girly on occasion does not mean this 6-year-old is squeamish. On Sunday, mom Kim Kardashian West shared Instagram pics of North and her friends getting up close and personal with a bunch of creepy crawlies and new Animal Planet TV host Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson.

“My fearless kids love animals,” Kardashian West captioned a slide show that begins with North wearing a large tarantula on her head. “North & her friends loved spending the day with her wildlife hero @coyotepeterson and his animal friends!”

The other photos show North, a couple of her cousins and her friends with varying looks of delight and worry as they pet large and small snakes, and a big frog. You may notice that Kardashian West herself is not touching any of the animals during the visit. If she’s not a huge fan of reptiles, spiders and amphibians, good for her for having Peterson over anyway.

We already knew that Chicago West is also fascinated with snakes. What an unexpected trait of this family!

Of course, shying away from spiders and snakes is natural. In fact, research shows it’s a survival instinct even babies have before anyone teaches them about poisonous things. It’s good for children to be cautious around such wild creatures — for both the kids’ and the animals’ safety. Which is why you might not want very little ones watching Peterson’s popular YouTube channel without your guidance; after all, he’s gained millions of fans by getting bitten by dangerous animals…on purpose. While we totally applaud his desire to teach the world about misunderstood wildlife, we do want our own kids to know the difference between being a brave professional with expertise on which animals can really hurt you (and access to immediate medical care), and being a regular person being foolish. Okay?

For kids who can handle the “don’t try this at home” message, though, the best bet is to enjoy some of those animals from the safety of our screens. Peterson’s new show, Brave the Wild, premiered on Animal Planet on Sunday night, so that’s an easy place to start.

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