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This Baby Performing ‘Let it Go’ in Full Frozen Costume in the Actual Snow is Peak Joy

So what did you do with your most recent snow day? Well, thanks for asking, I worked on my laptop from my porch wearing full snow gear and watching my son build a snowman while all of Nashville freaked out about two inches of flakes, because no rest for the working mom. The usual. What I did not do, however, is watch my toddler perform an epic rendition of “Let it Go” in full Frozen costume in the literal frozen snowscape. Oh, no; that honor was reserved for mom Kristi Michele.

And her Facebook video of her daughter Madelyn’s performance is leaving our own snow days in the dust.

Can you even handle it? The enunciation! The dramatic glove toss! The perfect costume and hairdo! The sweeping hand gestures! The hip-swinging trudge across the tundra before belting out that the cold never bothered her anyway! Whatever the it factor is that makes people into Broadway stars, this kid has it.

“Madelyn finally got some snow to do her scene,” mom Kristi wrote on Facebook along with the laugh-cry emoji. And damn did she deserve it.

Apparently, though, the shamers have come out to complain to Kristi about her daughter’s not-necessarily-snow-appropriate costume — but she assured them Madelyn was only in the snow for two minutes and she warmed her up right after. Uggghhh, people. Can we not let our kids have fun for the length of a three-minute song anymore? The cold never bothered her anyway for crissakes!

Honestly, Madelyn is the best thing we’ve seen since this 11-year-old boy back in 2017.

While it’s true that, in general, Frozen and “Let it Go” may have been annoying parental eardrums since 2013, it’s clear they’ve given kids some serious musical — and choreographical, and snow-day — inspiration. And who could be mad about that?

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