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Kim Kardashian West Explains the Benefits of Having a Surrogate Therapist

We all know that choosing to have a baby via surrogacy is no simple matter. Just the mere mention of the topic brings up countless questions about physical and financial logistics. Then there’s the emotional side of it all, both for the parents-to-be and the surrogate. Kim Kardashian West recently spoke about how she got the help of a surrogate therapist when she was planning for baby #3, Chicago.

“You get your surrogate attorney, you get your surrogate broker and then the broker recommended that we use a therapist that would communicate with me first and then communicate with her and kind of be our liaison,” Kardashian West told attorney Laura Wasser on an episode of her podcast All’s Fair. E! Online obtained an excerpt of the podcast episode before it premieres next week.

Even though Kardashian and her gestational surrogate reportedly got along well, there were things the reality star wouldn’t have thought to do on her own, and conversations that would have been more difficult without a neutral party.

“[The therapist] would suggest, ‘Hey, I think you guys should communicate once a week through text, maybe on Mother’s Day. She’s a mother as well. Maybe get her a massage or something that’s appropriate for her to pamper her,'” Kardashian West told Wasser. “Things like going through the birthing plan, so if anything was uncomfortable she would be that buffer to say, ‘This is who I want in the room. What are you comfortable with? How does this work?’ “

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On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kardashian West has spoken about the complicated feelings she had during the process.

“It is frustrating to not be able to do it on your own,” she said back in 2017. “It is a weird dynamic. Like, I go to all the doctors’ appointments and I try to be really present, but when you’re not carrying it yourself, it is such a fine balance of how much you’re going to be in their lives.”

But it went smoothly enough for all involved that the Wests decided to have a fourth baby the same way (though with a different surrogate). Before Psalm was born last May, Kardashian West said she didn’t use a therapist.

“I kind of knew the drill,” she said.

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