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Stormi Calls Kylie Jenner “Kylie,” Not “Mommy,” Because Of Course She Does

Everyone complains about the Terrible Twos, but Stormi Webster is just getting cuter now that she’s 2 years old. This week’s adorable antics include calling mom Kylie Jenner by her first name.

“Hi, Kylie!” the tot says in an Instagram Story Jenner posted on Wednesday morning.

“That’s not my name. My name’s Mommy!” Jenner protests, to no avail as her daughter circles her. “Hi, Kylie!”

A later Instagram Story shows Stormi calling her “Mama” again, so it looks like Jenner convinced her daughter this time. But she’s not alone; plenty of toddlers often choose to experiment with their parents’ first names at some point. Dr. Laura Markham at Aha! Parenting says that no matter what you want your kids to call you, the most important thing is not to make it a power struggle. She told one mother who wrote in concerned about her 18-month-old’s new first-name habit that she should begin by pointing out other kids’ mamas.

“Never be negative about him calling you by name, just gently point out how much you love to hear him call you Mama,” Markham advised. “You will have to repeat this a few times, but over time he will begin calling you Mama more and more.”

This is just their natural way of mimicking the grownups and peers around them, and there’s no doubt Stormi hears a lot of people greeting her popular mom.

Last month, Luna Stephens addressed her dad by his first name when she presented him with their new puppy.

“John, would you like to hold her?” she asked John Legend.

“I’m not ‘John.’ I’m your dad,” he replied, while Chrissy Teigen laughed from behind the camera.

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excuse me? 😂

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My son went through this as a toddler too, and we laughed every time. I’m pretty sure in his case it was because of just how forcefully I used my husband’s name to scold him for things. Though we thought it was cute, we also wanted him to use “Dad.” That’s when we started calling each other Mom and Dad, just to reinforce our official titles. (Now that he’s almost 7, we’re still in that habit and probably should get out of it soon, ’cause it feels weird.)

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