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These Mini Trendsetters Will Win Fashion Week 2030

Some kids wear their older cousin’s pizza-stained hand-me-downs. Some kids wear Gucci. And while kids have the innate ability to pull off food stains with enthusiasm, it’s the latter category that has a better-than-average chance of also being an Instagram model. Just like with kidfluencers of all kinds, these tiny fashion influencers often find legions of fans on the social media app. But not all these mini models look or dress the same, or even wear high-end brands.

Just like with adult fashion, kids fashion can range from vintage to classic to streetwear and beyond. Some of these kids are the children of fashion insiders or professional models; others have just found a passion they share with one or both parents. One thing they do all have in common? They’re inspiring, whether you want ideas for your own kids or just want some cute Insta fodder. They’re also proof that you’re never too young to make a striking first impression.

Here are 10 fashion-forward accounts from across Instagram that will have you asking, “But does that come in my size?”


Coco has fashion in her blood: She is from Harajuku, perhaps the world’s most well-known fashion neighborhood, and her parents run a vintage clothing store. Now, she’s a street fashion icon modeling brands like Gucci and Fendi for over 678,000 followers. While these polished looks are the creation of her parents, they’ve said that they give Coco options and she gets final say over what gets posted.

Zooey in the City 

Zooey Miyoshi splits her time between Tokyo and LA, which already makes her more glamorous than most adults. She models (and pals around with other major kidfluencers like the McClure Twins and Stella and Blaise) but thankfully also makes time to be captured in matching outfits with her younger sister, Amelie.

Desmond is Amazing

To say Desmond is Amazing is a fashion account doesn’t do it justice. A self-declared drag kid, Desmond’s Instagram is a lot like drag itself: genre-defying art that includes but somehow goes beyond just fashion and beauty. Oh, and he’s an outspoken activist who has marched in Pride, for trans rights, and performed at RuPaul’s Drag Con.

Fancy Tree House

If you crossed Wes Anderson with Disney, you’d get the family behind Fancy Tree House. Or maybe if you crossed Lana Del Rey with the pastels of My Pretty Pony. Or Mad Men with Lisa Frank. Whatever it is, it’s whimsical and totally original.  While the kids, Goldie and Mr. Darcy, are not the only focus of the Instagram, their appearances and outfits alone are worth a follow.

Prince and the Baker 

While L.A. has its fair share of pint-sized fashionistas, NYC has Prince. He and his mom, Keira, use the vibrant backdrop of the city for photoshoots that they style together. The resulting snaps feel like a mix of street photography and stills from a movie about a kid and his urban adventures.

The Daddy Fashion Stylist

Started as a pet project by stay-at-home dad Pete Fuentes, The Daddy Stylist quickly turned into a social media phenomenon. Now, Harlow, nine, has been a social media sensation for most of her life. She and her dad style and post pictures that vary from high-end streetwear to playful kids’ clothes to fairytale dress-up.

Noyemi Pia

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Noyemi Pia’s mother, Alexandra Atach, calls Noyemi her muse and model. The duo are based in Turkey, but Noyemi’s stylish shots are from all around the world. Noyemi’s enviable style manages to strike that oh-so-elusive balance of kids in designer duds: Her super polished looks still feel childlike (even if most kids won’t be donning couture).

Amelia and Bianca

If you like kids in huge coats, look no further than Cissi Fioriniello’s Instagram feed. She documents life with her two girls in Sweden, where their outerwear game is always strong. Oh, and it turns out kids in Sweden love Frozen, too.

Kingston & Kaui

Like with Coco, Kingston and Kaui came by their hypebeast style naturally: Their mom, Nikki Yip, owns a kids streetwear company. Oh, and Kaui is reportedly pals with North West. Wonder if they ever swap clothes?

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