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Gentle Nasal Aspirators That Provide Relief for Baby’s First Cold

Lindsay Williams

Not too long ago, moms had to rely on a rubber suction bulb to clean out their baby’s nose. It was a rudimentary process that was uncomfortable for babies already dealing with a cold, and, to add insult to injury, difficult to use and clean for moms. And, the laborious suction process didn’t always work efficiently or quickly. Thankfully, over the last few years, technological advances have drastically improved the design and function of nasal aspirators to make cleaning stuffy noses quick, hygienic and comfortable for both moms and babies.

Today’s nasal aspirators are made from silicone nozzles that are soft, flexible and gentle on babies’ nostrils. You can rest assured that you aren’t poking or causing your baby pain while clearing out their nose (though we can’t guarantee they won’t act startled, poor things).

Some of these nozzles come with disposable filters that can be replaced after every use to avoid transferring mucus or germs. Other designs can easily be taken apart to be cleaned with soap and water, and some are even dishwasher safe. With so many advances in design and technology, you don’t have to settle for the bulky, hospital-issued bulb you’re provided as a departure gift. Keep reading to see our list of the most effective and advanced nasal aspirators out there.

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1. NoseFrida The Snotsucker

Invented by a doctor, this wildly popular nasal aspirator puts functionality and hygiene first. It’s a simple design for sucking out snot that’s incredibly lightweight and easy to use. Simply put the pointed tip inside baby’s nostril and the opposite straw-like end inside your mouth, then use your own breath to suck out the mucus, which collects in the transparent tube for an oddly satisfying finale. The tool comes with disposable filters that allow you to clear noses while preventing germs from spreading. Make sure to toss the filter after every use and clean the aspirator in the dishwasher to thoroughly disinfect it.

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2. Watolt Electric Nasal Aspirator

Sometimes it’s difficult to get babies to cooperate when they’re anxious about seeing something go up their tiny nostrils. Watolt’s nose aspirator uses technology to ease the nerves of anxious babies and moms. Before using this suction apparatus, moms can soothe fussy babies with blue lights and calming music. And, with three battery-powered suction levels, babies will hardly notice a thing as you quickly suck out stubborn boogers.

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3. BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator

As your baby grows, you might notice that you’ll have to replenish certain baby items. Depending on how big your baby gets in the first few months, you might even need a new nasal aspirator. BabyComfy eases this process with nose tips in two sizes to accommodate your growing baby. Parents can use the soft tips to suck up mucus in newborns, while the larger size will be a little wider to accommodate babies as old as 10 months. In addition to its flexible design, the device uses household tissues as a filter instead of disposable ones you’d need to order and replace, so you’ll never not be able to use it.

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4. BABY-VAC Nasal Aspirator

Developed by a Hungarian scientist, the Baby-Vac is designed to connect to your actual household vacuum (between 800 to 1800 watts) for thorough and efficient booger removal. The vacuum chamber is patented and prized for its gentle airflow, allowing mucus to easily be suctioned out of little noses. Babies are relieved of stuffy noses in seconds, and parents can easily take the device apart and clean it with soap and hot water.

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