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These Videos of Babies Tasting Ice Cream & Lemons Make This World A Better Place

Even in the age of the omnipresent cameras, we can’t possibly capture all of our babies’ milestones and firsts on video. There’s no way to predict when they’ll say their first word or crawl across the room. What we can do is have those phones out when we introduce new foods, which is why the internet has become a magical wonderland of tots tasting things. This week, we all vicariously delighted in 9-month-old Blakely’s first taste of ice cream, and for a minute we forgot about the impeachment, wild fires, the coronavirus and anything else wrong with the world.

In the viral TikTok video, the little girl takes a nibble of her dad’s Baskin-Robbins cone, her eyes get 10 times bigger, and she grabs the scoop with both hands to make sure it will never leave her sight or her mouth again.

@mamabritti#cute #funny #waitforit #love♬ original sound – mamabritti

“She’s very comical,” mom Brittani Jernigan told Today. “She makes a lot of funny faces, and she’s very bossy, so it’s a typical reaction for her.”

Like Blakely and her ice cream, we have had a taste of this and we want more. More videos of babies and kids’ culinary explorations, that is. Here are some extra servings for everyone, with special thanks to all the parents out there who broke all the rules about kids and sugar:

The frosting sugar high hit this baby faster than you’d expect:

The wise internet historians at Know Your Memes have deemed this 2006 video of a baby eating a lime the first in the genre of kids-and-lemons videos. (Well, maybe its the first on YouTube, but my parents certainly caught a version of this on VHS in my day!)

There are so many of these out there, we’re grateful to the enterprising folks who compiled this one.

As much as we love those puckered baby faces, the way this 3-year-old is moved to dance by an Atomic Warhead is inspiring:

Perhaps it’s a good thing Rosie won’t remember the terrifying moment she tried wasabi. “Help!”

My own kid was able to make himself puke all over the Thanksgiving table when I suggested he eat broccoli. That’s why I am impressed that the world contains children who have the brave, expansive palates to make videos like this for Epicurious, in which they try 100 years of the world’s most expensive foods.

Now we’re all simultaneously hungry and suffering from baby fever, aren’t we?

And hey, if you want to top it all off with some hilariously festive crying holiday babies, we’ve got you.

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