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You Can Stop Worrying About Meghan Markle’s Baby-Wearing Technique Now, Internet

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (or whatever we’re supposed to call them) have begun their new life in Canada, but they’re not exactly leaving the front pages of the tabloids just yet. In fact, they’re probably going to be dealing with some new paparazzi troubles, now that they don’t have the same deals with the press that the royals do. Exhibit A: Paparazzi snaps of Meghan taking a hike with her dogs and baby Archie, who is snoozing away in a baby carrier.

As is wont to happen, almost immediately after those pics were published, “concerned” onlookers spoke up to express their “worry” over how Archie was positioned in this carrier. The 8-month-old is listing to the side so that one little butt cheek is unsupported by the device. On Twitter, some called his position “scary,” while others thought he must be uncomfortable. The more helpful ones thought she needed to be taught how to use the carrier or acquire a new one. (Side note, we are not honoring these trolls with links to their tweets.)

Um, have these helpful people ever gone walking with a baby? Have they ever had a baby fall asleep in their arms? Has this ever happened while they were trying to do other tasks, like say, walk a dog or try to get some exercise in the midst of a family crisis? Babies squirm. Even fancy Ergo carriers (which the Daily Mail says Meghan was using) do not work as straightjackets.

After steaming about this all morning, I was so relieved to see that Today reached out to an actual expert for an opinion on whether Archie was in mortal danger during his mother’s walk.

“Ideally, you want to make sure that the straps are tight and secure,” Dr. Jen Trachtenberg, creator of Pediatrician in Your Pocket, told Today.  “But Meghan has her arm wrapped around Archie and she’s holding him tight. If he were upset, he’d be flailing or crying and there’s no sign of that.”

Concern trolls, find something else to worry about, please.

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