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Clever Girl Scout Will Sell Us All the Cookies With the Power of Lizzo

We’re two weeks in to Girl Scout Cookie season 2020, and some of those badge-wearing young entrepreneurs are getting quite creative to lure us in. As nice as it is to see the girls learning the values of traditional sales techniques — snagging a good location for a cookie stand, using parents as their satellite salespeople — one girl in Ohio is going with a 21st century method. Amory Vargo of Westerville, Ohio, is using a viral video, with the help of Lizzo, to sell her Thin Mints and Tag-alongs.

“I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100 percent that girl,” the 9-year-old begins her PG-rated, cookie-centric cover of “Truth Hurts.”

“I think Lizzo is really inspirational and I like her messages,” Vargo told local NBC affiliate WCMH. After two weeks of writing lyrics and practicing, she made the video, with just a little help from her parents.

Her version includes clever takes on Lizzo’s words — “I’m comin’ around. You can call me back, and that’s the sound of you enjoying your snack…” “Lemon-Ups are new and exciting” — and every ounce of the original’s confident attitude. At the same time, it’s not so polished as to lose any of the cute factor.

“The fact that everyone is really enjoying it really warms out hearts,” mom Samantha Vargo told WCMH. “I hope it’s inspiring other Girl Scouts and small entrepreneurs.”

Amory’s not the first to try this tactic. Last year, a scout named Kiki went viral with her Cardi B “Money” cover to sell her cookies. We fully encourage others to turn this into an annual tradition.

So far, Amory’s video has more than 85,000 views, but she’s still short of her goal of selling 2,020 boxes in order to attend a week of Girl Scout camp for free this year. Which means a lot of people out there have been enjoying her song without clicking over to her order page. You need to fix that now, people. Lizzo would want you to, probably.

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