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The 5 Best Basal Thermometers for TTC

If you’re ready to start your TTC journey, predicting your ovulation and fertility window is a great first step. One easy, at-home way to do that is by tracking your body temperature with a basal thermometer.

Your body temperature dips slightly just before your ovary releases an egg. Then, 24 hours after it’s released, her body temperature rises slightly and stays up for several days. Because the changes in body temperature around ovulation are as slight as 0.3 degree F, a basal thermometer is the best choice for measurement. Unlike regular thermometers, which are accurate only to 0.2 degree, basal thermometers are accurate to 0.1 degree. While basal body temperature can be recorded orally, a vaginal or rectal measurement may be more accurate, so consider thermometers with a soft and flexible tip and quick reading time.

Designed specifically for those trying to conceive, basal thermometers often come with a basal body temperature chart to track your readings. Because it is recommended to take your temperature first thing each morning, a basal thermometer that is simple to use and has an easy-to-read display will make the process more pleasant when you haven’t even had your coffee yet. Some even have a memory feature that saves the last recorded temperature so you can write it down later, while others can connect to apps on your phone or other digital devices for automatic tracking.

If you’re ready to buy a basal thermometer, we rounded up the best choices for you to start tracking your body temperature and predict your ovulation window. From simple to high-tech options, these basal thermometers will help your fertility planning process.

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1. Vedik Digital Basal Thermometer

Precise to 1/100th of a degree, this highly sensitive basal thermometer is an excellent device for the natural family planning process. It features a soft and flexible tip, last-reading recall and a beep to let you know when the measurement is finished. This clinical basal thermometer underwent numerous medical tests before being released into the market to give the most reliable results.

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2. Femometer Smart Basal Thermometer with Bluetooth

This smart basal thermometer syncs basal body temperature (BBT) to the Femometer app on your Android device or iPhone to record, track and chart your BBT, calculating your pregnancy probability every day. Clinically accurate with high precision, this  basal thermometer automatically powers on and off by taking the cap on and off, measures your temperature in 30 seconds, and sends the measurement directly to your smartphone for error-free recording. You won’t even need to open your eyes to measure your basal temperature!

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3. POPKA Body Basal Thermometer

You can find your fertility window easily with this digital basal thermometer, which is accurate to 1/100th of a degree. It features a soft, flexible tip to ensure comfort during use, shows results on a large easy-to-read LCD screen, beeps when the measurement is finished, and has a memory function to recall the last temperature.

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4. iProven Digital Basal Body Thermometer

This device will help you pinpoint your most fertile days in any given cycle with an accurate basal body temperature within 0.01 of a degree. The thermometer remembers the last measured temperature for you and comes with a clear step-by-step manual and a guide to explain how to get from BBT charting to a BFP (big fat positive) pregnancy result.

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