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Chrissy Teigen’s Son Miles Is the Only Social Media Influencer We Need

He faces stiff competition from new puppy Petey and makeup critic Luna, but Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s son Miles is still the lead contender for cutest Legend Family Member. That’s our assessment, anyway, after his mom shared an update on him for his 20-month birthday.

On Thursday, Teigen posted a pic of little Miles, dressed in very chill tan-and-brown athleisure suit (OK, PJs) with a matching brown bib. The toddler stands next to his fill-in-the-blank chalkboard to inform us of his current tastes and stats. It is amazing how well he can pose for a photo at this age, especially given that Teigen says he’s her wild child. (Chrissy, please post the outtakes so we can stop feeling bad about our collection of toddler blur portraits.)

“I love cars, playing basketball and my sister Luna,” the board reads. “I don’t like getting my nails trimmed.”

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🐻 update!

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We’re very happy to learn that he loves big sis, and we feel his parents’ pain on that nail-trimming front. Hopefully one of his four nannies can take that unpleasant job off their hands.

Back in July, the chalkboard informed us that 14-month-old Miles was also into cars, as well as climbing on everything and eating baby back ribs.

If you’d like to let this little influencer inform your kids’ next reading material, his favorite bedtime story is now Even Superheroes Sleep, and six months ago, he loved Goodnight Los Angeles and My First Book of Superpowers. Goodnight Gorilla and See Me Bubble were his faves at 9 months.

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wow they grow up so fast

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Lest we forget, John Legend is also in the running for cutest Legend (a higher honor than Sexiest Man Alive for sure), and made an admirable stab at pulling ahead of his son last year, when he filled out the chalkboard for himself (favorite bedtime story: The Rachel Maddow Show!). This is a competition we don’t mind watching forever.

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