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LeBron James Demonstrates Some All-Star Parenting On Daughter Zhuri’s YouTube Show

I’m sure there are people wringing their hands over the wisdom of turning young children into YouTube stars. Are they safe out there? Are their parents putting them up to it to become multimillionaires? But so far, it looks like LeBron James and wife Savannah James are exhibiting excellent parenting when it comes to 5-year-old daughter Zhuri’s new Youtube channel, All Things Zhuri.

This is especially the case when it comes to her newest episode, in which Zhuri and LeBron make Peanut Butter Power Bars together.

“My name is Zhuri and I brought my friend daddy, so he can help me make these balls today,” the precocious girl begins her video.

As if she’s hosting a classic cooking show, Zhuri shows each of the recipe’s ingredients already measured out in attractive vessels as she and her dad pour them into the mixing bowl. But as parents, we can see there’s something deeper happening here than the demonstration of a delicious-looking no-cook recipe.

This isn’t about Zhuri becoming the next kidfluencer or launching a lifestyle brand for littles. This is actually about a little girl getting a chance to spend quality time with her dad. It’s lovely to see how James lets his daughter run the show, deciding which ingredients to pour next and what the best method is to form the balls. She’s learning independence and confidence, along with those cooking and video-making skills.

“You do whatever you want. It’s your world, Squirrel,” he tells Zhuri.

James announced his daughter’s YouTube channel over Christmas, and it already has more than 67,000 subscribers. Not that Zhuri’s previous smoothie-making and DIY flower crown videos weren’t great, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see that subscription number go up now that dad is actually on the scene.

Seeing them side-by-side, it’s clear she’s inherited dad’s comfort performing for an audience. Even without her special guest star, Zhuri’s totally got this.

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