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Kandi Burruss Recalls the Hurtful, Ignorant Reactions People Had to Her Surrogacy

While families have been able to have babies via surrogates for more than three decades, there is still a lot of ignorance and misinformation out there about the process. That may be why some parents, even celebrity parents, remain mum on the subject. But others, like Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss, are refreshingly open about their surrogacy journey. Unfortunately, that’s also opened her up to hurtful comments from strangers and even those closest to her.

“A lot of people don’t really have the information, so they don’t really know [how to react],” Burruss said Wednesday, during her appearance on Tamron Hall. “People automatically think it’s a vain decision.”

The R&B singer and songwriter joked that she has enough money to get her body back in shape, so this was definitely not about vanity. Burruss was already mother to 17-year-old daughter Riley and 4-year-old son Ace, as well as stepmother to husband Todd Tucker’s 22-year-old daughter. But when she and Tucker decided to have another baby, fertility issues and her uterine fibroids made it difficult and risky. Last year, Burruss announced that she was going the surrogacy route. It all worked out, and in November, the family welcomed daughter Blaze.

“One of my family members brought up, ‘You don’t think you’re going to be able to bond with her?’ and it hurt my feelings,” Burruss said. “Overall, people have to be a little more sensitive when that subject comes up. I still get a little sensitive about it.”

Happily, she had a lot of support from her Bravo family, too. Her doctor was Married to Medicine’s Jackie Walters, who introduced her to her surrogate, Shadina Blunt. She even got support from Andy Cohen, who had his own son via surrogate last year.

“I had made a comment [to Andy]; I said something like, ‘I guess I’m gonna have a baby mama,’ ” Burruss said of her conversation with Cohen on Busy Tonight. “And he said to me, ‘Don’t you ever say that because you are the mother, and to say she’s your baby’s mom is taking away from you.’ It made me feel better.”

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