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Put on That Mandalorian Helmet, Baby Yoda Is Coming to Build-a-Bear, Bringing Stampedes With It

We all suspected Baby Yoda’s powers did not begin and end with telekinesis. The Child, who has captured the hearts of viewers of The Mandalorian as well as anyone who’s simply glimpsed a photo of those huge eyes, is probably going to rule our economy very shortly. Now that Build-a-Bear has announced it will be offering Baby Yoda stuffed animals in the next few months, many of us are already setting aside funds for it.

Since the very first episode of The Mandalorian streamed on Disney+ last fall, we have all turned into bounty hunters, wanting to get our hands on a doll or action figure version of the little guy, even when all we can do is pre-order them. Disney purposely didn’t license Baby Yoda toys to manufacturers before the show’s premiere, allowing the character to be a surprise but leaving us all empty-handed for the holiday season. Build-a-Bear is one of the toymakers that has been hustling to fill the demand ever since.

“We started this process almost with the first episode,” Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John told attendees of the ICR Conference in Orlando on Tuesday, according to Business Insider. She held an example of the prized creature aloft. We’re amazed that there was no news of audience members rushing the stage to snatch him up.

Even stock traders must have had those handy little tracking devices telling them of the news. According to CNBC, shares of Build-a-Bear went up after the announcement.

This partnership makes complete sense, as the company already has a cuddly line of Star Wars bears, wookies, droids and porgs. And if they can make Darth Maul cute, we can only imagine what the Child is going to look like up close.

This Build-a-Bear joins a handful of other Baby Yoda toys that went into production ASAP but are still not yet available as of this writing. There’s no info on the Build-a-Bear site about this impending arrival just yet, but keep checking back for it. After all, getting one in person may require some Mandalorian-made armor.

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