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Graceful Aquarius Names For Water-Bearer Babies

Expecting a baby between January 20 and February 18? Time to prep! You’ve got an Aquarius on the way, and Aquarian kids are the zodiac’s way of keeping the world on its toes. Especially you, dear parents. We know you’re going to want just the perfect baby name for your tiny water-bearer, and we’ve got plenty of ideas. But first, let’s dive into the deets about just what makes this riddle of a sign so very special.

Aquarius is a water sign like Scorpio, right? Nope. Though the sign is often depicted as a figure carrying water, it’s actually an air sign like Libra, ruled by intellect more than those pesky, watery emotions. You can expect your baby Aquarian to be highly intelligent, stubborn as all get out, and possibly downright quirky — and you’ll want a baby name that reflects those qualities for sure.

Our dear baby-naming wizard Pamela Redmond Satran over at said she’s especially inspired by Aquarius (check out her list): “I’d say Aquarius is one of the richest signs for baby names. It’s an air sign with a water symbol — Aquarius is the constellation of the water-bearer — so you can give an Aquarius baby a name that means water or a name that means air. Some stylish choices? Ocean, Lake, Celestia, Guthrie.”

These are the iconoclasts of the astrological wheel; quick-thinking, imaginative Aquarians answer to no one but themselves. They may seem aloof at first to those who don’t know them well, but that’s just because they’ve got a lot on their mind, all the time. In fact, Aquarians are great humanitarians, full of sweeping vision and epic goodness, demonstrated early on the playground and throughout their fascinating, adventure-filled lives. Don’t expect them to conform to societal expectations (or yours, for that matter, ahem).

Redmond Satran also advised parents of Aquarius babies to look to the holidays for inspo: “Aquarius encompasses some holidays with excellent name inspiration, such as Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day. So you might look for names that mean love, such as Valentina or Rhys, or presidential names, like Lincoln and Kennedy.”

This is definitely a sign that will forge its own path — and a hasty temper and easy frustration are challenges they’ll need your help with along the way. Hey, it’s not easy having a mind that zippy, after all. Often little Aquarians are the first to spot problems around them that need solving. The best thing you can do as a parent of a water-bearer is to help them with their heavy, sloshing load, and listen to the creative solutions they propose. These kids are always on the hunt for the noblest truths — and the world’s petty trifles will definitely get them down sometimes. Fortunately, Aquarians have a knack for helping everyone around them rise up to their level — a pretty fantastic trait indeed. They deserve an equally fantastic moniker, don’t you think?

Amethyst is the birthstone for February Aquarians, and Garnet is the birthstone for January water-bearers, so those are some color inspirations, too: Violet, Indigo, Garnett, Redd.

A last word: Don’t be afraid to name boldly when it comes to your baby Aquarius. This is definitely a baby who can handle the most unique of names, and won’t mind spelling it out for the masses several times over before her TED Talk. Yes, you can quote us on that.

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Image Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows. Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

Air Names


Esen (Turkish, “the wind”)
Noelani (Hawaiian, “heavenly mist,” a nice combo of air and water)
Semira/Samira (Hebrew, “the uppermost part of the heavens,” swoon!)
Alizeh (Persian, “wind”)
Anemone (Greek for “wind,” but a water connotation: sea anemones!)
Zephyrine (Greek feminine version of “west wind”)
Azure (A sky blue. But then again, the water reflects the sky…or is the other way around?)


Akash (Hindu, “sky”)
Anvinder/Anvindr (Old Norse, “against the wind”)
Corentin (Breton, “storm”)
Azzurro (Italian, “Aquarian blue”)
Zeferino (Portuguese for “west wind,” and pretty much the coolest kid on any playground anywhere)
Van (Vietnamese, “cloud”)


Ariel (Shakespeare’s air spirit, of his play The Tempest)
Neptune (Roman god of the sea)
Sunny (Sunny Garcia is a famous Hawaiian surfer)

Water Names


Hebe (a cool alternative to Phoebe, but with a very Aquarius meaning: “cup-bearer to the gods”)
Anahita (Persian for “river goddess”)
Delta (hey, if it’s good enough for Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, right?)
Darya/Daria (Iranian, “sea”)
Kendra (“clear water”)
Nerida (“sea nymph”)
Oceane (Ooh la la, those French know how to do it)
Talise (Native American, “lovely water”)
Tallulah (“leaping water”)
Zarya/Zaria (“water priestess”)


Morrissey (Irish, “choice of the sea”)
Bourne (“one who lives near a stream”)
Calder (“rocky water,” and we think a contender for a top 100 name in the very near future)
Wade (a water-bearer must wade, we think)


Heilyn (Welsh, “cup-bearer”)

Hobie (yes, from Baywatch)
Destan (French, “by the still waters”)
Lir (Irish god of the sea)
Po (longest river in Italy, doncha know)
Beck (Old Norse, “stream”)
Sebastian (means “revered” in Greek but yes, also from The Little Mermaid)

Aquarius Attribute Names


Ayanna (African, “unique flower”)
Akira (Japanese, “bright, intelligent”)
Bita (Arabic, “unique”)
Minnie (Greek, “of the mind, intellect”)
Sophia (“wisdom”)
Sana (Arabic, “mountaintop, splendid, brilliant”)
Zella (African, “one who knows the way”)


Ahad (Farsi, “the only one of its kind, unique”)
Angus (Scottish Gaelic, “unique strength”)
Dermot (Scottish Gaelic, “without envy”)
Karl (“free man”)
Boman (“great mind”)
Loman (Irish Gaelic, “enlightened one”)
Franklin (Old French, “free citizen”)
Hubert (Teutonic, “brilliant mind”)


Haley (“ingenious”)
Thanh/Thang (Vietnamese, “bright blue, brilliant”)
Aydin (Turkish, “intelligent”)
Cassidy (“ingenious one”)
Bromwell (“dweller by the wild broom spring”)

And if you’re really stumped? Check out our list of rock-and-roll baby names. If any kid can rock a rock-and-roll name, it’s an Aquarius.
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Image design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

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