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Bachelor Nation’s Jade Roper Blasts Troll Who Shamed Her for Breastfeeding Video

Jennifer Mattern

Do not mess with Jade Liz Roper Tolbert. She has no time for your mom-shaming troll B.S. — like cutting her down for nursing her little boy on a low-key holiday weekend.

The Bachelor in Paradise alum posted a video on Sunday, Dec. 29 on social media. In the video, she’s nursing her infant son, Brooks, 5 months, whom she shares with fellow Bachelor alum, husband Tanner Tolbert. The video is captioned simply, “Lazy football Sunday. We still have Christmas gifts strewn all over the living room.”

Jade Roper Slams Instagram Troll

Then Roper Tolbert shared a screenshot of a troll’s offended message: “Stop!!!! We don’t want to see that. At least put up a warning.”

Oh HELL no.

Roper Tolbert wasn’t having any of that. She slammed the troll, “Breastfeeding is a natural way some babies EAT. So sorry, no warning here. You see more boob in a bikini.” She posted her clapback in a screenshot on her Instagram Story.

Jade Roper Slams Instagram Troll 2

Roper Tolbert, who co-hosts the Mommies Tell All podcast, spoke out in October with her close friend and fellow Bachelor Nation alum Carly Waddell about the “next level” mom-shaming they’ve endured in the public eye on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

“We already as moms already have enough guilt,” Roper Tolbert said. “Like, we’re already trying to be a perfect parent for our kids… People parent differently all over the world, culturally. Even my next-door [neighbors] parent differently than I do. It’s just what’s best for our family, but people like to bring that in and try to put it on top of you.”

Roper Tolbert’s even had to defend her family against trolls who claim that her older child, daughter Emerson, is showing signs of autism.

“You know, these are NOT okay messages to send people,” she replied to the online commenter. “If you mean well, it’s still not OK to say she has autism or needs speech therapy or to comment any sort of thing like that to anyone about their child. We are her parents, we have a great pediatrician, and we know her development. Comments like this really throw me for a loop.”

Comments like that throw us for a loop too. We’re still dismayed that there are so many people out there determined to mouth off about other people’s lives online. Kudos to Roper Tolbert and all the other celebs who fight back against trolls who are determined to bash perfectly lovely parenting moments.

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