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Chrissy Teigen Wraps Christmas By Taking a Bath With Her Kids

If you’re like us, your Instagram feeds were filled with smiling family photos wishing you and yours a happy holiday season. Some wore matching pajamas while others held up artisanal-looking cocktails in front of the tree or fireplace. And while I don’t doubt the families were sincere, I also know this to be true: Behind every joyful holiday Instagram photo is a mom who just wants to take a relaxing bath. Lucky for Chrissy Teigen, that wish came true Christmas afternoon, when she took a dip in the tub with her kiddos.

The cookbook author shared an adorable picture of herself looking smitten while sandwiched between Miles and Luna in a pristine white bathtub (yes, it was big enough to fit all three of them — color me envious) on Instagram.


And reader, a Christmas miracle occurred: the reactions to the photo were overwhelmingly positive. This may not seem like a big deal, but in the past, photos of celebrity parents bathing with their kids have been highly controversial. In 2012, mom-shamers went into overdrive after Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to Harper’s Bazaar that she bathed with her elementary school-aged kids, Apple and Moses. Three years later, commenters accused Perez Hilton of child abuse after he posted a photo of himself in the shower with his then two-year-old son. Is the world becoming more tolerant of different parenting choices? Maybe not, but Teigen, who is no stranger to mom-shaming, was probably more than delighted not to have to scroll past dozens of angry comments.

That’s not to say the photo didn’t raise some questions, though, like how the hell she managed to take a bath with two kids and not have a massive mess to clean up. “How are there two kids in the tub and none of the water is on the walls or flooding the floor? Impossible,” one person wrote.

Others were dying to know what Luna held in her hands. Some speculations were a chicken carcass, a ham, a plastic dinosaur skull, and a giant seashell. One commenter even dubbed the debate #BathToyGate2019.

The soak seemed like a much-deserved break for Teigen, who went all out for the holidays this year. The Lip Sync Battle host and her husband, John Legend, had a real-life Santa surprise their kids by running outside of the window through the snow. Pair that with the Cravings website launch, birthday celebrations, holiday parties and a last-minute after-party for The Voice, and she’s been one busy elf this season.

May 2020 bring many sweet bathtime moments for us all.

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