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Rachel Zoe Shares Her Parenting Essentials & Yes They Include a Glam Bathrobe

We’ve admired stylist and designer Rachel Zoe’s killer fashion sense for, well, decades. And when it comes to her more recent foray into children’s fashion, we’ve got to say: We called it.

In a 2013 interview with SheKnows, when we asked Zoe whether she’d ever make the jump into designing for kids (her first child was 2 at the time), her response was, “Listen, I never say never because every time I say I would never do something I end up doing it. I will say that I can’t imagine anything more fun to do as a designer than to design children’s clothes.”

Well, good thing she never said never — because these days, Zoe is knee-deep in exactly that kind of fun, with her recent holiday kids clothes collab with Janie & Jack. (If “Rachel Zoe kids clothes collection” alone doesn’t convince you to go shopping, get this: The proceeds from the tiny festive outfits go to support moms and kids in need through nonprofit Baby2Baby, so it’s a win for all involved.)

Of course, when she’s not designing and styling and writing and businesswoman-ing and generally being a chic-as-hell mom about town, Zoe is kept plenty busy by her kids — Skyler Morrison, 8, and Kaius Jagger, 6 — with husband Rodger Berman. And we stan her style in the parenting department, too; Zoe’s recent clapbacks to mom-shamers who dared to criticize Kaius’ long hair (in 2019?! Can we just…not??) were spot-on and staunch in her support of her son.

“Please unfollow me,” she wrote to the troll. She then spoke out on the subject in an interview with People: “For the record, my son thinks he has cool surfer hair,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s not like I’m torturing him. He loves his hair. He thinks it’s cool…  I think anyone who takes the time to insult someone’s child is pretty much a horrific human being,” Zoe told People. And we couldn’t agree more.

We caught up with Zoe to learn what an ever-stylish, ever-outspoken badass mom like her has on her must-have list right now — from her favorite recent read to the under-the-radar snacks that keep her kids full of something other than candy canes this season.

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Image: Courtesy of Janie & Jack. Courtesy of Janie & Jack.

The podcast I’m listening to right now

“Between running my many businesses and being a crazy hands-on mom, I don’t really have any leisure time to read, sadly, or listen very much to podcasts… I was, however, just interviewed on my good friend Hillary Kerr’s podcast, Second Life, and it was so much fun!”

The children’s books our family reads on repeat

“For Sky, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid
is his obsession — and for Kaius, anything Eric Carl or Dr. Seuss.”

The books I’m currently reading myself

“Just like podcasts, I don’t have the time to really read much these days. That being said, my dear friend, Demi Moore, just came out with her new book Inside Out, and it’s such a great read.”

The snacks I always have on hand for the kids

“The more under-the-radar, the better! I’m obsessed with the Made Good brand of snacks
; they are super healthy, and the boys love them. I give them many different versions of fruit- and veggie-based snacks to try to sneak them in through the days — like snap pea crisps, veggie chips and sticks, but always organic.”

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Image: Rachel Zoe. Rachel Zoe.

The beauty product I always keep in my bag

“Never leave without so many products! Always have lipstick, lip balm and skin oil I can apply on my face or hands throughout the day.”

The app that makes my life as a parent easier

“I would say Amazon and Instacart have changed my life, because I can order whatever I need for the kids and usually get it within a few hours… It’s such a time-saver to not have to go to the store, and I’m able to get anything from school supplies to sneakers and wipes. Also, my children’s school has an app that allows you connect with and view what your child does throughout the day. As a working parent, I find it so special to be able to be a part of their day and see all the activities they’re doing in class.”

My favorite parenting-related Instagram accounts to follow

“I’m endlessly inspired by my friends’ Instagram accounts. Most of them have their own companies and brands as well as have families. It’s amazing to see hard-working women doing it all and supporting each other.”

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Image: Rachel Zoe. Rachel Zoe.

The toys that keep my kids occupied for hours

“My boys love to play outside with friends, whether it’s going on scooter rides around the neighborhood, or different sports games at the park…I try to limit screen time as much as possible and get them outdoors and moving around!”

The underrated children’s brands I’ve recently discovered

“So many! But the most special one to me right now is my collaboration with Janie & Jack. 100% of the holiday collection goes to the non-profit organization, Baby2Baby, for which I’m a Board Member and Angel, and it holds such a special place in my heart.”

The clothing brands that help make up my mom uniform

“If I’m not in my Rachel Zoe Collection at the office or an event, then most likely, I’m home in a bathrobe. There’s not much in between!”

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Image: Rachel Zoe X Pottery Barn. Rachel Zoe Collection. Made Good. Amazon. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

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