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This Family’s Christmas Parody Video to Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” is Epic

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, there are always going to be families who go the extra mile when it comes to decorations and gifts. Then there are families who take holiday cards to a whole other level. Take the Holderness family, for example, who turn their annual Christmas card into an epic YouTube video.

With 2.3 million Facebook followers, the Holdernesses self-identify as “a hot mess doing their best to do life better.” Comprised of family members Penn, Kim, Lola, and Penn Charles, the family is known for making people laugh through goofy skits, music videos, podcasts, and failed DIYs. This year, their annual “Christmas Jammies” parody video to the tune of P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass” is no exception. 

Dressed in head-to-toe plaid, their family is seen jamming out to lyrics about the 10 years that flew by since they started filming their #relatable family shenanigans for head-nodding viewers everywhere. Like plenty of parents, the Holderness pair acknowledges what it’s like to watch your kids growing up way too fast. From their son learning to walk to their daughter starting kindergarten (and coming home with a story about farting), they reflect back on the memories cherished by their small, but mighty, clan.

One very cool thing (among many) about the Holderness dad, Penn, is that he quit his job after working in the TV business for 18 years. He and his wife, Kim Dean, run a video production/digital marketing company from the comfort of their own home.

Now, without further ado, we present to you the most epic Christmas video we ever did see.

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