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Real Moms Share Their 2020 Resolutions

It happens every year; when New Year’s Eve rolls around, we set our goals and resolutions for the new year. Whether it’s drinking more water (mine every year), taking a trip, getting a raise, or getting your daughter to stop rolling her eyes at you, setting goals can help you choose what’s important to you and make it a priority. The hard part is having those resolutions last beyond January 1 without putting them on the back burner to focus on the daily grind.

I think we can all agree that 2019 was an absolute shit show; slamming the door on a year has never felt so good. So how are you resolving to usher in 2020? Are you aiming for more attainable goals like self care, working out and spending more time with your family? Or are slightly, ahem, less attainable goals your jam (like holding out hope that this is the year Lizzo and you meet and instantly become BFFs)? Whatever you want for the new year, now’s the time: Speak it, write it, put it on your mood board, do positive visualizations, and/or finally work up the courage to kick out your freeloader roommate. 2020 is your time to shine. 

And all too often, we moms are folks who put everyone else before ourselves — which means our self care / wants / needs go right out the window. Well, not this year. We asked 10 moms to share their New Year’s resolutions for 2020, and we couldn’t love what they told us any more. Shockingly, Lizzo isn’t mentioned once. 

To take baby steps

Lifestyle blogger and mom Unakem tells SheKnows that “in 2020 I resolve to let my hair down more! I work really, really hard as a new first time mom (to the most amazing little boy), a full-time nurse practitioner, a full-time doctoral student, plus all my other roles and ‘adulting’ responsibilities. I’ve learned that not only do I deserve to enjoy myself and relax; I also have to prioritize it in order to function as the highest version of myself. I’m also bringing along better discipline, efficiency, and courage. Life is short, so I’m taking each day by the horns, good or bad, with the knowledge that I am resilient and that I can make progress even if it is just one small step each day.”

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My SONshine! . Being his mom is a role I take very seriously. Motherhood did not come overnight to me and I'm so in awe and thankful every single day that we get to spend together! God is good y'all! . That being said, working FULL time as a SNF provider, going to school FULL time to complete a Doctoral program, navigating being a FULL time first-time mom/wife in California with all my family in Texas, and finally dedicating more time to my blog is the BIGGEST balancing act EVER! Not to mention all the other tasks & requirements that come with adulting 😓. But y'all I'm so GRATEFUL for it ALL! The laughter, the grind, the fatigue, the passion, and the tears. God is always GOOD! If I can do all these things and continue to have an attitude of gratitude so can you! I'm here, praying and rooting and cheering for YOU! We in this together! What's your motivation to keep going? Drop a comment below 👇🏾

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To accomplish 1 new thing each month

“My family is choosing to start the new year off by showing up for ourselves in the things we have always wanted! I have always been someone with big plans or ideas for myself, but sometimes I let fear or time get in the way,” Andrea, mommy blogger of Andrea, tells SheKnows. “I’ve always wanted to train for a half marathon, I’ve always wanted to write a song for a local band, I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo in remembrance of our miscarriage, teach my daughters a different language… These are things I’ve planned to a T but never officially made happen. My husband and I decided that each month in the new year, we will accomplish one of the things we’ve always said we would do. Some things will be smaller, some will take more time, but they will all be us growing, sharing, and showing up for ourselves together.”

To embrace the mess

“My resolution for 2020 is to be fine with not being fine,” Rachel of Busy Mommy Media tells SheKnows. “Things aren’t going to be wonderful all the time. And I’m making it a goal to remind myself that it’s okay to feel like things suck every once in a while. Everyone has those moments. When I’m feeling down, I’m going to remind myself to just feel those feelings and remember that they’ll go away soon.”

To unplug

Doran, California beauty blogger at Haute Beauty Guide shared her family-focused resolution with SheKnows: “To spend more family time unplugged. Dinners and after-dinner time will be phone- and iPad-free this year.  Plus, I am committing to myself to take one trip a quarter totally solo and guilt-free — so I can recharge and just be.  It is so hard to find a minute for myself as a mom, wife and business owner. I am committed to finding a little time for myself this year.”

To let go & delegate

Terina, a modern leather artisan and product designer at Terina Nicole, tells SheKnows she is letting go in 2020: “I am definitely leaving behind the feeling of ‘juggle overwhelm.’ Running my business with one child hasn’t been easy, per se, but it’s been doable. Now that the second one is here (14 years later), starting over while maintaining the traction in my business has been rough — especially because I don’t like to ask for help. But ‘delegation’ is my new favorite word! Burnout serves no one.” Preach, Terina.

To cook vegetarian

“My family and I are trying to cook more at home and also eat more of a plant-based diet in 2020,” blogger and mom of five Amber of Amber Likes tells SheKnows. “Out of our family of seven, we have one vegetarian and two new pescatarians, so we are trying to make a change as a family.”

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To add simple self-care

Publisher of Framed Cooks Kate has chosen realistic, completely doable goals for the new year: “To start each day peacefully by getting up just 10 minutes earlier to do a quick meditation session with my Calm app, and to try for one small random act of kindness each day,” she tells SheKnows. “To take a long hot bath once a week, with a glass of wine and some classical music playing, to eat a piece of fruit every day. To stop worrying so much about what other people think. To drink more water. To end each day by thinking of three good things that happened that day. No matter now crazy it was, there are always three good things.”

To dance (& flirt) more

Kicking up her heels is the goal in 2020 for Jen, blogger at This Family Blog and mom of two. “I resolve to dance with my husband,” Jen tells SheKnows. “Dancing is a lost art of connection and flirtation and closeness and a good judge of being in sync with each other. I’ve lined up a couple dance lessons and a couple dance events including a Victorian tea and a Colonial Ball. Dancing forces us to walk away from phones and computers and be present with each other. It forces us to focus on each other’s breathing and movements. It gives us opportunity to smile, to laugh, and to flirt. It’s going to be the BEST year.”

To be OK with what is

“For the new year, I am going to make a more conscious effort to be kinder to myself,” Erika Hardison, founder of Fabulize Magazine, tells SheKnows. “I am going to be okay with failing at some things and being successful at other things. I want to change how I think others see me. Rejection is ok, and everyone won’t like what you say and do. I’m going to start loving the body I’m in more and not hang on to what I wish I looked like. I’m going to leave self-doubt behind. Self-doubt leads to procrastination, and procrastination leads to missed opportunities.”

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