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Kim Kardashian Says She Had To Photoshop North Into Their Family Christmas Card

Many moms feel the pressure to get a perfect Christmas card, but knowing your sister-in-law or freshman roommate might judge your beach vacation snap poorly hardly compares to what the Kardashian family has to deal with. Their Christmas cards have been making headlines for years, and who is (or isn’t) in the photos can lead to speculation on family relations and relationship statuses. This year, not even Kim’s low-key, immediate-family-only snap could escape scrutiny.

Kim uploaded the photo, which shows Kim, Kanye, and their four kids, to Instagram on Friday. Some internet detectives noted this was the first time the Kardashians had done independent holiday pictures, wondering if it pointed to a rift in the family. But, on Ellen Tuesday, Kim set the record straight, saying that it was “just a time thing.” She did, however, share that there was a part of the card that hid a secret: North wasn’t actually in it.

“It’s the most anxiety to get four kids together smiling in a room,” Kim told Degeneres. So, when North didn’t want to be in the photograph, Kim relented. The next day, when North was sad she’d missed out, Kim was able to get the photographer to come back and do a one-on-one shoot with just the two of them. She then asked the photographer to photoshop the two together, putting North back in the family photo.

Kim has no regrets about her slightly unorthodox methods. “I would’ve rather done it this way,” she says, than have to deal with forcing North into the shoot while she was upset. The rest of the card, she says, was real.

“Chicago has a cookie in her hand, I was really holding Psalm there, Saint was really there. The rest of us were there, but North…there’s always one!” In other words, not even a laid-back attitude and low-key shoot can be totally kid-proofed.

Kim took a similarly relaxed attitude towards her family’s all-white home. As Ellen showed a video of the coordinating all-white holiday decor, Kim said that the kids are allowed to have their own colorful rooms. When the kids inevitably do mark up a white table, she reminds herself “It’s just things.” See Kim’s full interview, as well as glimpses of their all-white, Dr. Suess-inspired Christmas trees, below:

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