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Ashley Graham Just Proved That Baby Showers Can Be Badass

Baby showers often call to mind women-only affairs with lots of cooing, weird diaper-related cakes and games, and ritual opening of onesie after onesie. It’s understandable why so many parents opt to have them — an afternoon of sparkling grape juice to hopefully get some of those oh-so-expensive baby essentials doesn’t seem like such a raw deal. But it’s also not exactly the most exciting social event you could put on your calendar, so it’s also not surprising that some mothers-to-be take a look at the tradition and say, “hell no.”

Some parents are also choosing to open up the party to all genders and make it more of a laid-back affair. But, even with the overall reduction in too-sweet decor and inclusion of beer, few baby showers can lay claim to being cool. But supermodel Ashley Graham just proved it can be done. While she was a guest on The Tonight Show, she talked to host Jimmy Fallon about her less-than-conventional shower.

Graham is clearly no stranger to the traditional baby shower; she stated that hers included neither present-opening nor “diapers you have to sniff,” referring to a supposedly fun game where chocolate is smeared in diapers and guests are forced to try to identify it. Gross. Instead, there were stations where guests could get tattoos or piercings, though she didn’t say if anyone took the opportunity to get inked. Guests also decorated onesies that were donated to moms in need. Anyone who opted to not get permanent body modification could also take home one of the freebies Graham described as “Frida Baby vag cream.” (A quick look at Frida’s website shows it was probably the perineal healing foam.)

People also confirmed through Graham’s rep that the party was at The Foundry, a venue in NYC perhaps best known for being the location of Jessa’s ill-fated surprise wedding in Girls. There were also manicure stations and a few celebrity guests, including Gayle King. While most parents-to-be probably can’t have tattoos at a venue that can cost $9,000 and up to rent, they can still, perhaps, steal some of Graham’s ideas. Co-ed is an easy one, and increasing in popularity (despite Fallon saying he’d never been to one.) Some more adult-ccentric activities, even if they’re not piercings or manis, are also fun. The diapers can be saved for an actual living, pooping human.

But perhaps the best thing even non-supermodels can steal for their own showers is giving back. Graham’s onesie idea is a good one, but you can also consider asking your guests to bring some low-cost baby supplies like diapers or baby food to drop off at a local shower. Sure, a new tattoo is cool, but helping out charity? That’s really badass.

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