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Rachel Bilson’s Biggest Parenting Problem? Her Daughter is ‘Loud,’ She Says

A loud kid? If this is Rachel Bilson’s worst parenting problem, we think she’s got it pretty good. The O.C. and Hart of Dixie alum spoke with Us Weekly on Dec. 5 about her boisterous daughter, Briar Rose, whom she described as “very loud and present.”

“She’s really good, though,” Bilson told Us Weekly. “I’m really lucky [but] there’s that common line of, ‘Well, Mommy, if you give me options, I’m going to give you options.’ She’s understanding and rebelling, like, ‘I don’t have to do this.'”

Bilson said that despite her daughter’s negotiating tactics, she’s a delight to be around. Bilson referred to Briar, born in 2014, as her “best friend,” who acts like she’s “45 sometimes.” Bilson shares Briar with her ex, Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen.

While Bilson doesn’t post identifiable pics of her daughter on social media, she did post this adorable Father’s Day note from Briar to her dad back in 2017, and this photo of Briar, taken from behind, in honor of her fifth birthday.

The Father’s Day note reads: “Dear Daddy, please give me back my blue cup. A sheep baa. Happy Daddy happy birthday. Goldfish.” We totally get it, Briar.

So how are Bilson and Briar’s Santa spending this Christmas? Bilson told Us Weekly that Elf on a Shelf has been making daily appearances, and that “girly things” and dinosaurs (the bigger the better) are at the top of her daughter’s list. In fact, Briar’s hoping for a six-foot-tall dinosaur.

“How am I going to get that down the chimney?” Bilson quipped.

Bilson and Christiansen, by all accounts, are putting co-parenting at the top of their own priority list. The two former partners took Briar to Disneyland together for her fifth birthday in October.

But Bilson’s own dating life is top secret. She spoke with Bachelor Nation’s Nick Viall on his podcast, Viall Files, about what she’s not looking for in a man:

“I was talking to this guy a few months back [and] anytime I would bring my daughter up, they would never pursue the question or ask more about her,” she told Viall. “It was a [bad sign] because anyone that you’re going to get involved with, if you have a kid, they have to be all about the kid.”

She continued, “I always put it out there. She’s my world and I talk about her all the time. How f–ked up would it be if I hid that?… If you’re going to pursue something with someone, they have to be interested in the kid or be willing to be around the kid.”

Rumors have since linked Bilson and Viall romantically, but nobody’s confirming it. Intriguing, no?

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