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Chrissy Teigen Was Shamed for Showing Her Daughter Cleavage & People Need to Chill

In today’s Oh No They Didn’t news:

Chrissy Teigen is the target of mom-shamers yet again — this time for a beautiful mother-daughter photo she posted on Friday. In the Instagram picture, Teigen’s sitting with daughter Luna, 3. Teigen’s wearing an open blazer or a robe that Luna’s adjusting. “On set with my stylist,” Teigen wrote. You can take a look at the picture for yourself:

Brooklyn Decker, Yvonne Strahovski, and Gwyneth Paltrow all left glowing comments, but the trolls were less than pleased with the cleavage showing in the photo. Check out just a handful of the comments Teigen received, so you can shed the last of your hope in humanity just as we have:

“Do you ever wear underwear?”

“Your diddie is popping out there love.”

“You should consider a breast lift so when you go without a bra your breasts are up where they’re supposed to be, not facing down toward your waist. Sent as a concerned friend.”

“Have you been running around the house nekkid and threw on a random jacket to Instagram??”

“Do you really like to show off your body not setting a very good influence for your daughter.” (Sorry troll, one does not “set” a “good influence,” check your grammar pleeez.)

“Jesus cover up your daughter is right there.”

“Not meaning to be any sort of judgemental up here, I am just wondering if one can anymore call for some decency in our modern world….”

Um, speaking of some decency in our modern world: What a sad universe is that in which human beings are tearing down a beautiful mother-daughter photograph and shaming some mere side-boob. Do folks know that a lot of babies get fed by…breasts? Do people understand that the best way to model positive body image to our kids is to have positive body image? News flash: families are occasionally in various stages of undress at home, and it’s no big deal.

Not one to ever sit back to let the trolls troll, Teigen responded to the one telling her to “cover up” in front of her daughter: “She sucked it for months and doesn’t mind it much.”

And the best twist? That very same troll swapped out their own profile pic to Chrissy’s pic with Luna, as pointed out by Comments by Celebs on Instagram. The internet is weird, guys.

But, as ever, Teigen’s online tribe is as fierce and funny as she is. Fans were quick to come to her defense:

“I’m just here for the comments from people upset that you have breasts and a child at the same time. #theaudacity”

“I like following you on Instagram because you are fierce, funny, and seem like a great human (before you go ‘oh just seem’ I say seem because I only know you here and on TV) anyway…this picture is one of the most pure and beautiful pictures you’ve posted. The love you two have for each other shines through. I hope you frame this and keep it in a place you see daily.”

“A woman teaching her daughter to be comfortable in her own skin. Rather than hiding herself away in shame. Is a beautiful thing. It’s sad so many people are ashamed of their own thoughts that they lash out over innocent things like this.”

Teigen also shares son Miles, 1, with husband John Legend. We’re crazy about the whole family — and we couldn’t care less how often they wear underwear.

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