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The Most Hilarious Parenting Podcasts — to Get You Through the Toughest #MomFail Days

Raising kids can be…a challenge. When you need to laugh to keep from crying, take a listen to one of these hilarious parenting podcasts. We’ve put together a great guide to the best pods, from Atomic Moms to Why Mommy Drinks, and what makes them so damn relatable. Because no one wants to feel alone on this wild, weird experience raising tiny humans.

If you’ve got a few minutes in between wiping butts, handing out snacks, and driving carpool, delve into these audio delights. Listen while you ignore your children; perhaps you can enhance dish washing and laundry folding with gems of wisdom and nuggets of humor from comedians, experts, and insightful parents. Will you feel seen? Probably. Will you learn something? Maybe. Will you laugh? Definitely.

Why Mommy Drinks

hosted by Betsy Stover and Amanda Allen

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Image: Courtesy of Why Mommy Drinks. Courtesy of Why Mommy Drinks.

Why Mommy Drinks is a hilarious compilation of parenting mishaps. In this advice-free zone, comedians Betsy Stover and Amanda Allen simply tell horrific yet funny tales alongside entertaining guests (actors, musicians, writers, etc.). Everyone spills about their worst parenting moments, and it’s a great time, especially the segment “What Broke You This Week?” If you need a little boost after an extra rough day, take a listen to this and pour yourself a drink. Why Mommy Drinks will remind you that you’ll laugh about it later… one day.

Mother of All Shows

hosted by Kimmy Gatewood

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Image: Courtesy of Kaitlin Parry. Courtesy of Kaitlin Parry.

Glow actress and director Kimmy Gatewood blends comedy and curiosity in her new podcast, Mother of All Shows. “I love to laugh at the absurdity of parenting, the love of parenting, and the constant contradictions and predicaments we find ourselves in, like how many days is too many days in a row to make fish sticks,” says Kimmy. A question we’ve all pondered! “I also wanted to provide a space without judgement, better understanding and MOST IMPORTANTLY a sense of humor.” If you want a taste of what Kimmy is dishing up, check out the (NSFW) video she did while 8 months pregnant, Nesting Like a Motherf*&’.

Operation: DadPod

hosted by Jonathan Gregg

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Image: Courtesy of Scott Sosebee.

Operation: DadPod discusses parenting from the male (feminist) perspective and it’s a great resource for parents who are past the baby and toddler phases. Relatable host Jonathan Gregg is working on a run of episodes discussing the pros and cons of friends’ childhoods; what worked and what didn’t. “We get into parenting children on the spectrum, children with ADHD, adoption, a lot of really meaty stuff from parents with school age kids,” says Jonathan.

Mom, Get Your SH*T Together

hosted by Amy Albert

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Image: Huebner Headshots. Huebner Headshots.

Comedian Amy Albert hosts Mom, Get Your SH*T Together, and it’s the perfect treat for moms interested in self-care, beauty, and time-saving hacks. Amy’s varied topics include facials, pink hair, crystals, and sex toys. When “Broken Butt Cheeks” is the title of an episode, you know you’re in the right place. Can’t get enough of this hilarious host? You’re in luck because Amy’s currently on the road with The Pump and Dump Show, so you can catch her and co-star Jill Bartlett live. And you really need to hear her sing the show-stopping number “Come Back as a Dad.”

We Knows Parenting

hosted by Beth Newell and Peter McNerny

Beth Newell, creator of satirical women’s magazine Reductress hosts We Knows Parenting with her husband, Peter McNerny of hit kids’ podcast Story Pirates. Marital household negotiations give this parenting pod an added layer of realness. “It feels strangely like couples therapy,” says Beth, who adds that listeners seem to appreciate when she and Peter go at it. And interestingly, a lot of their listeners don’t have children. “They seem to enjoy this insider look into how a married couple survives young children and negotiates disagreements,” says Beth. “A lot of them became fans after seeing what huge weirdos our kids are on our respective Instagrams. Our kids are way funnier than us.” Give this podcast a listen for hilarious insight into the weirdness that is parenting.

Atomic Moms

hosted by Ellie Knaus

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Image courtesy of @HelloPinecone. Courtesy of @HelloPinecone

Inspiring guests including YouTube star GloZell Green and actress Malin Ackerman make Ellie Knaus’s popular podcast Atomic Moms more than just entertaining. “Since 2014, the podcast has featured leading experts, best-selling authors, and the most respected child development experts out there,” reads the site. As a result, the show boasts a library of over 220 fantastic episodes to delve into.

The Dumb Dad Podcast

hosted by Kevin Laferriere and Evan Kyle Berger

Comedians Kevin Laferriere and Evan Kyle Berger hilariously fight the stigma of the dumb dad on their podcast called, fittingly, The Dumb Dad Podcast. It’s a fun romp through parenting topics including dad style and diaper bags, traveling, and sleepless nights.

Photo credit: Dumb Dad

Big Fat Positive

hosted by Laura Birek and Shanna Micko

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Image: Steve Yager. Steve Yager.

Big Fat Positive began with two friends’ pregnancies — and a lot of humor. Best pals Shanna and Laura started the podcast when they both were in their first trimester (they’re now entrenched in the baby stage). We love that the show feels like a chat with friends. Shanna’s pick for funniest moment is Episode 60: “I tell the hilarious story about a high-stakes baby handoff with my husband to avoid seeming unprofessional to co-workers, and Laura recounts the miraculous moment she was breastfeeding her baby and had to think fast to catch her cat’s throw up across the room.” Good, right? Plus a little bonus for expectant parents: Shanna and Laura have created a list of tried-and-true baby registry items.

One Bad Mother

hosted by Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn

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Image: Jesse Thorn. Jesse Thorn.

Motherhood doesn’t always come naturally, and One Bad Mother explores that idea in the best ways. With over 200 episodes under their belts, Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn cover everything from “Santa Claus to sex to finding raisins in the couch.” And we’re here for it.

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Image: @HelloPinecone and Kaitlin Parry. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

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