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Cute Nursing Pajamas That Make Nighttime Feedings Comfortable & Convenient

Waking up in the middle of the night to nurse can be a trying feat, even on your best days. First, you have to shimmy your way out of bed and practically sleepwalk your way to the nursery. Then, once you’ve reached your destination, you have to get into nursing position. Blinking yourself awake enough to function and feed your hungry babe is enough of a struggle; the last thing you want is to have to fiddle with buttons and constricting material. So rather than add fuel to an already stressful fire, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to nursing pajamas that are just as functional as they are comfortable. 

Breastfed babies will typically feed anywhere between eight to 12 times in a 24 hour time period. Of course, every baby is different, so the amount of feedings will vary, but if you choose to breastfeed, you have to expect that night feedings are going to be part of your routine — at least for a little while. Nursing pajamas can make the nights you nurse sleep-eyed and overly exhausted at least a little more comfortable. From nightgowns and shorts to long-sleeved options and mommy-and-me matching sets, there’s a nursing pajama style for every mama out there. Here are the best nursing pajamas for reference. 

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1. Ekouaer Short Sleeved Pajamas Set

There are a few factors to take into consideration when choosing the best nursing pajama set for your lifestyle. For example, time of year plays a role in what you wear to bed, while your internal temperature can be an issue, too. Some people are just generally warm sleepers, and when you factor in the body heat that’s bound to pass through mother and child during each feeding, maybe you want a set that’s on the lighter side. 

Ekouaer’s short-sleeved pajama set is great for spring and summer months, or moms who wake up sweating if they wear long or heavier garments to bed. Available in over 30 colors and patterns, this super comfy lounge and sleepwear set is an excellent option for nursing mamas because of its low V-neckline and buttons that are easy to undo quickly. 

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Image: Amazon. Image: Amazon
Ekouaer Short Sleeved Pajamas Set $35.99 on

2. Kindred Bravely Davy Maternity & Nursing Pajamas

In theory, you could just lift up an old band tee or tug the neckline of a looser, lower-cut night blouse down to nurse in the middle of the night, but the last thing you need to put up with at 2am is under-boob chafing or fabric dig. Kindred Bravely nursing pajamas do neither. The under-bust area is elastic-free, so the top portion of the set is comfortable to wear and easy to maneuver in the middle of the night when your brain is exhausted and a simple tug of material needs to suffice.

The set is available in seven colors that range from classic black to bright berry and teal. Moms can choose their size from extra small to XXX large, for the utmost comfort and correct fit. With pjs this comfy, you’ll probably want to keep these in your pajama drawer long after your little one starts sleeping through the night.

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Image: Amazon. Image: Amazon
Kindred Bravely Davy Maternity & Nursing Pajamas $49.99 on

3. Everly Grey Maternity and Nursing PJ Set for Mom and Baby

You know it better than anyone: Nighttime feedings aren’t the most fun activity you’ll experience with your little one. However, it’s a bonding experience no less, and nothing says togetherness more than matching outfits, right? Everly Grey’s Mom and Baby PJ sets are adorable.

They come in over 20 designs, including a regal berry floral, sand stripe and jungle floral, and each purchase features a miniature-sized pajama for your bitty baby. But aside from the mega cuteness factor, the set also includes a nursing tank designed to easily pull aside for breastfeeding access, plus a matching robe so you can cover up when company is over.

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Image: Amazon. Image: Amazon
Everly Grey Maternity and Nursing PJ Set for Mom… $55.25 on

4. Motherhood Maternity Nursing Nightgown

Maternity nightgowns are a category of nursing pajamas all their own that, if you haven’t already, should be explored. Motherhood Maternity nightgowns are stylish (throughout maternity and thereafter), and make breastfeeding mind-blowingly simple and convenient: All you have to do is use its clip-down function for easy access. 

And if the functionality of the piece doesn’t sell you, maybe this will: Each nightgown was designed with a scalloped lace trim at the neckline for a feminine touch, because you’re not just a mom, you’re a woman who should feel beautiful no matter what stage she’s at in her life. So go ahead, wear this pretty number post-feeding stage. You’ll thank us later.

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Image: Amazon. Image: Amazon
Motherhood Maternity Nursing Nightgown on

5. MAXMODA Maternity Nursing Pajamas

MAXMODA nursing pajamas are the whole package. They’re long-sleeved shirts with patching pants, and come in an array of colors like navy and wine. What we especially love about this set is that it doubles as loungewear, so you can wear them throughout your baby’s nighttime feeding phase, plus sport them for years after as your Sunday best.

To breastfeed, simply pull down the elasticated henley neckline for easy access, then pull it back up when you’re done and go back to sleep. It doesn’t get much more convenient (or comfy!) than that. 

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Image: Amazon. Image: Amazon
MAXMODA Maternity Nursing Pajamas $24.98 on

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