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Sweet Sagittarius Baby Names for Your Little Archer

It’s Sagittarius season! Trying to come up with a fab name for your late-November or early-December baby? We’ve got names for days for this delightful, generous-spirited fire sign — and we have no doubt you’ll find at least a handful of contenders right here.

What should you expect from your baby Sag? Fun, fun, and more fun. Ruled by the expansive, benevolent planet Jupiter, Sagittarians are known for their love of travel, freedom, and adventure. Sagittarius kiddos are optimists at heart, full of enthusiasm for the world at large. And you can definitely expect them to be active in that world — stubbornly climbing, skipping, crawling, digging, sliding, and exploring as soon as their little bodies let them. (PSA: Get those baby gates in place early, if you’ve got a Sagittarius on your hands.)

We consulted with our favorite baby-name guru, the wise Pamela Redmond Satran at (prepare to lose yourself there for several days, and check out their top Sag name list too), about her favorite Sagittarian naming trends. As usual, she had excellent inspo.

“The first thing I think about Sagittarius is that it’s a fire sign, so names that mean fire can be a great choice to underscore that fire temperament when it’s cold outside! Some choices on this list include Blaze, Bridget, Cyrus, Fintan, Phoenix, Seraphina,” Redmond Satran said.

She continued, “I love the name Jupiter, which is the ruler of Sag and which also has been in the sign of Sagittarius for this entire year, departing on December 2… So if your little Sagittarius is due to be born December 2 or before, Jupiter or related names (such as Jove) are especially fitting. You might also consider the names of one of Jupiter’s moons…Elara, Callisto, Thebe, Io.”

You’ll likely also be touched by your little Sag’s sensitive side. This is a sign that cannot bear to see anyone or anything (from an ant on the sidewalk to an imaginary giant in a movie) in pain. At an early age, these kids are preternaturally obsessed with justice and fairness for all — a lovely quality that won’t ever quit, even as adults. And you can expect a child who will prize honesty. Not everyone appreciates the bluntness of a Sag, but you’ll find it deeply endearing even as you’re teaching them, bit by bit, how to get their point across without putting their foot in their mouth.

Famous Archers include: Tina Turner, DJ Khaled, Chrissy Teigen (whose Twitter feed is a master class in blunt Sag clapbacks), Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj, Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Applegate.

In a nutshell? Sagittarians are joys to raise, and they deserve happy, upbeat names that reflect all the sunshine and openness they bring to the world. Lucky for you, naming inspo for Sagittarian babies is rich. It’s a fire sign, represented by a centaur or an archer. The sign’s colors are traditionally light blue and purple, and its birthstones are citrine (November babes) and blue topaz (December littles). Ready to dive in? We’re betting we’ve got just the name (or at least a middle name) for your little Sag right here.

Archer/Hunter Vibes

Apollo (Greek god of war, archery)
Chase/Chace (hey, there’s no hunt without a chase)
Daryl Dixon (from The Walking Dead)
Eros/Cupid (we’ve all been hit by that darn arrow)
Evander (English/Irish, “archer”)
Hearne/Hern (meaning “mythical hunter”)
Ivar/Ivor (Scandinavian folk, this is all yours: “archer”)
Kaus (three stars of the Sag constellation, and get this: it also means “bow”)
Legolas (the elf archer from Lord of the Rings, although feel free to go with the more approachable “Orlando Bloom”)
Makya/Mak (boy’s name, Native American origin, “eagle hunter”)
Odin (Norse origin, Thor’s father, leader of the mythical Wild Hunt)
Oringo (African origin, “he who likes to hunt”)
Orion (Greek origin, mythical hunter — with his own constellation, to boot)
Paris (Prince of Troy, but unisex now, thanks to Paris Hilton, among others)
Robin Hood (in the words of Sag Billie Eilish: duh)
Sidon (Greek/Phoenician, “fish hunting,” “Sidonie” could be lovely for a girl Sag)
Tapio (East Finnish hunting god)
Theron (Charlize’s last name, but who knew it meant “hunter”?
William Tell

Artemis (Greek goddess of the hunt)
Atalanta (Greek, mythical virgin huntress)
Brielle (“hunting grounds”)
Cyrene (fierce mythical huntress)
Dali (East Indian origin, goddess of the hunt)
Diana (Roman goddess of the hunt)
Devana (Slavic, goddess of the hunt)
Fianna (“warrior huntress”)
Kacela (African origin, “great huntress”)
Kainda (African origin, “hunter’s daughter” — in other words, you’ll have to deal with her arrows as well as Dad’s)
Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games mad-cool archer queen)
Merida (from Disney Pixar’s Brave)
Nerrivik/Nerri/Vik (Inuit, “sea mother,” patron of hunters and fishermen)
Neytiri (from Avatar)
Susan (as in Queen Susan the Gentle from Narnia)
Winda (Swahili, “hunter”)
Ygritte (the badass ginger archer Wilding from Game of Thrones)

Fire Vibes

Aidan/Aiden (Irish, “little fire”)
Atar (Iranian origin, fire god)
Haco (Celtic, “flame, fire”)
Hakan (Native American origin, “fiery”)
Idris (Hindu for “fire,” also “ardent lord” in Welsh, plus there’s always Idris Elba as inspo, rawr)
Inigo (from the Latin “Ignatius,” meaning “fiery,” and bonus points for the Princess Bride connection)
Sol (sun)

Aithne (pronounced “ET-na,” Irish for “fire”)
Anala (Hindi, “fire”)
Calida (Spanish origin, “heated”)
Ember (how cute is this? It’s the ending of November and December…and what glows in the wake of a fire)
Fiamma (Italian, “flame”)
Hestia (Greek goddess of the hearth and fireside)
Nuri (Arabic/Hebrew, “my fire”)
Soleil (French, “sun”)
Seraphina (Hebrew, “ardent, fiery”)
Vesta (Roman fire goddess)

Other Sag Vibes:

Ameen (Arabic, boy’s name meaning “honest, faithful, trustworthy”)
Alasie (Inuit, “she who is honest and noble”)
Candon (Turkish, “sincere and honest man”)
Chiron (famous centaur, aren’t too many of those)
Emmet/Emmett (“truth”)
Epona (Celtic goddess of horses)
Jorunn (Norse girl’s name, derived from “horse” and “love”)
Karim/Karima (Arabic, “generous, noble”)
Layna (Greek/Hebrew, “a person who is truthful, always honest”)
Marshall (“one who cares for horses”)
Masako (Japanese girl name, “truthful, honest child”)
Philip/Phillippa/Pippa (“friend of the horses”)
Rosalind (Germanic, “gentle horse”)
Roswell (Old English, “horse spring”)
Sharif (Arabic, “honest, noble”)
Verity (meaning truth, perfect for any honest Sag)

There you have it: unique names we love most for baby Sagittarians. Enjoy the ride with your little centaur. It will always, always be an adventure — and we think their name should be, too.

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