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Pink Admits She’s Spent Hours Crying While Touring With Her Family

Life for working moms is far from easy, and being a celebrity is no exception. For the past two years, Pink and her family have traveled the globe for her Beautiful Trauma World Tour, which comprised of more than 150 shows. The tour pulled in $397.3 million, making it “the highest-grossing tour by a woman this decade,” according to Billboard. Despite her massive success, Pink told Billboard touring with her family has been so challenging at times that it’s led her to tears.

“There have been many times when I have been sitting in the corner of arena bathrooms crying and saying to myself, ‘There’s a reason why women don’t do this, there’s a reason why moms don’t do this,’ because it’s fucking impossible at times,” she said in Billboard’s November 2 cover story.

It’s not just the late nights and the long flights. Pink says her kids, Willow and Jameson, are getting to the point where they crave more consistency and adventures at home.

“The last couple of months, Willow was over it,” she said. “She wants to be home and do BMX and swim team and gymnastics and all the shit than an eight-year-old wants to do. So she was asking to go home, and that’s when I knew: From here on out, it changes.”

She’s not exactly sure what that looks like, though. While she floated the idea of a Las Vegas residency to Billboard, she didn’t seem convinced staying in one spot would be as fulfilling for her; she loves seeing quirky places and taking her kids on adventures during her time off. (Her Instagram boasts adorable shots of her family in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and the Netherlands, to name a few.)

The singer has opened up about her concerns in the past. Last year, she told Reese Witherspoon that going on tour with her family is “really tricky” and “exhausting,” but worthwhile overall. “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m very, very fortunate that I get to bring my kids with me and that I kind of get to integrate them into my life,” she said.

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Pink is far from being the only working parent who feels the pressure to modify her career to better fit her family life. A 2015 report from Pew Research Center found that in nearly half of all families (46%), both parents work full time. This stat represents a dramatic increase since 1970 when 46% of all families were comprised of a stay-at-home mother and a father who worked full time.

Though more moms are working, 41% said that “being a parent has made it harder for them to advance their career.” It’s no wonder why, either, as 54% of families with two parents who work full time said the mother is mostly in charge of the kids’ schedules.

Raising kids while working is especially hard if you don’t have help or an emotional support system nearby. Last month, Pink wrote on Instagram that she wished her kids lived “next door” to their grandparents.

Pink’s future may be uncertain, but one thing remains clear: She’s doing her best as a mother and as a role model for her kids.

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