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Shay Mitchell Was Mom-Shamed For Going Out After Daughter’s Birth & It’s Got to Stop

Just when we think we’ve seen it all when it comes to mom-shaming, another tale comes along to show us we’re wrong. In this case, it’s Pretty Little Liars actor and new mom Shay Mitchell who’s the target of trolls claiming she left the house too soon after giving birth to her daughter.

Mitchell shared a video on her Instagram story on Tuesday night, slamming followers who were putting her down for (gasp!) attending Drake’s 33rd birthday celebration three days after the birth of her little girl.

Mitchell said in the video while scrolling on her phone, “I haven’t really been checking my comments that often, but apparently people are really upset that I left three days after having a kid to go out and party.”

In the video, one of the comments from a troll can be seen: “Mother of the year award right here!!!! As if you seriously could leave your baby to go party?!!! I hope the child’s aid look into this and your abilities to be a good parent because damn!!! Lacking some serious skills there sweety! #selfish.”

Another comment said, “Wait so you literally literally just had her and you’re more worried about clubbing with Drake? wooow.”

The actor shared news of her daughter’s birth in an Instagram announcement on Oct. 20, showing her hand and her baby’s hand with the caption, “Never letting go.”

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Never letting go…

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But commenters there were cruel as well, having heard about Mitchell’s foray to Drake’s party. One wrote, “…except when there’s a party to go to, right?! Disgusting…leaving your newborn only days after her birth.”

Fans jumped to Mitchell’s defense. “Seriously, stop with the mom-shaming,” one pleaded. “So she gave birth recently…doesn’t mean her life suddenly became prohibited and that she’s restricted to do certain things.”

Another wrote: “lmao my mom literally had my little sister and went out the morning after because it was black friday to get a deal on something my brother and I wanted for christmas. Calm down.”

This is the first child for Mitchell and partner Matte Babel — and an especially sweet moment because Mitchell suffered a miscarriage in 2018.

Mitchell endured 33 hours in labor before her baby girl arrived. (Thankfully, she did NOT skip the epidural.) She shared a glimpse of the delivery room happenings with fans in the poignant last episode of her her popular YouTube series documenting her entire pregnancy.

“This is definitely the most intense experience of my life,” Mitchell said. “Matte and I are parents, and I can’t believe it and we thought pregnancy was a journey. I’m realizing we have just begun.”

We wish Mitchell only good on her motherhood journey — and we hate that the trolls have already piled on. After 33 hours of labor, anybody deserves an hour at Drake’s birthday party.


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