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Chip Gaines Wants Baby No. 6 & Joanna Has the Best Response

You know that tactic when you bring an unresolved private debate up in a public conversation, cornering the other party into some sort of public decision/declaration? Yeah, that’s pretty much what Chip Gaines just pulled on his wife Joanna Gaines in their Sunday Today interview this week. While Joanna was talking about something completely different, Chip threw in a curveball aside about wanting to have a sixth baby. Yep, we cringed too.

Joanna was speaking (quite inspirationally) about how she views any failures in their businesses as valuable: “You’re never really losing if you’re going for it, and you’re moving forward,” she told host Willie Geist in the interview, which is set to air this weekend. 

Somehow, this speech caused Chip to burst forward with a declaration of love for his wife, and add, “Like, I could see Crew having a little sibling and me being like, ‘I love this woman!’ ”

Wait, wasn’t she just talking about being an entrepreneur? Fortunately for him, Joanna seemed pretty used to her husband’s talk of adding to their brood, which already includes Drake (14), Ella Rose (13), Duke (11), Emmie Kay (9), and Crew (16 months). 

“Just know, this is going to be the headline forever: ‘Jo’s pregnant again,’ ” she said. “I’m like, ‘Chip I think we’ve got enough businesses, I think we’re good!’ That’s how Chip is with children. He’s like, ‘I just think we can keep having them!’ I think Chip just loves a full plate.”

That plate already seems rather full, what with launching an entire Magnolia TV network, opening a new coffee shop and hotel, and running the rest of their Magnolia businesses. Just doing a fraction of this would still be enough to make the rest of us feel like we have the productivity of a mildly concussed sloth by comparison. 

Earlier this year, Joanna wrote about what her version of work-life balance really looks like, and she said it’s not actually a balance at all. 

“In our current season of life, which has both Chip and me putting in a lot of hours at the office, wholeness looks like having our kids right there with us,” she wrote in the fall issue of Magnolia Journal, according to People. “In and around where we work, I’ve carved out intentional spaces for them to spend their afternoons after school.”

Of course that’s not exactly possible for most working parents, but it’s nice work if you can get it. Still, Chip, man, give your wife a break, will you?

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