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Aww: Kate Middleton & Prince William Phone Their Kids Every Night Before Bed

Parents have had to go on work trips since, we imagine, the first group of cave people set off on an extended wooly mammoth hunt. Royal parents are no exception. Prince William and Duchess Kate recently departed for a five-day tour of Pakistan, and, like all parents, have had to figure a way to stay in touch with their kids while they’re gone. While most working parents aren’t traveling with their own hairdressers, they may recognize themselves in one part of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s trip: the parents are calling home every night they’re gone.

William and Kate have been checking in every day and call the kids before they go to bed,” a royal insider told Us WeeklyAnd it’s not hard to imagine why: Bedtime routines are so often a time when kids and parents bond, making the royal mom and pop’s absence even more noticeable than during the day.

Another way the distance will hopefully be eased for the kids? A visit from grandma. Unlike royal children of the past, who would be carried for almost exclusively by nannies, Princes George and Louise and Princess Charlotte are allowed to experience relatively normal childhood activities like attending school, seeing their parents regularly, and being babysat by their grandparents. In this case, it’s Carole Middleton, Kate’s mom, who will step in for a few days to watch the kids. (We somehow doubt Prince Charles, who has, of course, been a prince his whole life, is eager to jump in for similar duties.)

“Carole has an extremely close bond with George, Charlotte and Louis and Pippa’a son, Arthur, too. They adore her,” the same source told Us Weekly. The source also said that were it not for school, the kids would have been with Carole and their grandfather in the countryside the whole time. Instead, Carole will split babysitting duties with the Cambridge family.

While we likely will never know what the Duke and Duchess will chat with their kids about, we can imagine one thing that will come up since common to kids with traveling parents all over: “What are you going to bring me?” Given that they’ll be meeting with heads of state and getting the literal royal treatment, it better be more exciting than a t-shirt at the airport.

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