The Best Apps for Baby’s First Year

If you have a newborn, you are probably spending a lot of time on your phone — not talking but texting, taking photos and scouring social media. After all, those late-night feedings can be brutal, but Facebook and Instagram are the perfect pre-dawn pal. You’re probably also consulting Dr. Google… a lot. (I cannot tell you how many evenings I typed the words “is it normal” into my web browser.) But did you know there are apps designed to answer common questions and help you track your baby’s first year?

Here are our favorite guides, trackers and milestone markers.

WebMD Baby

WebMD Baby App
Image: WebMD Baby.

While having too much information can be overwhelming, being undereducated can also be a problem — especially if you’re a new or first-time parent — but WebMD Baby has you covered. This app gives you access to articles, videos and other WebMD-approved advice; it allows you to quickly and easily create a baby book; it helps track your littles’ sleep, feeding and yes, poop schedule; and perhaps most beneficial, it has an “Ask the Physician” section, to answer to those urgent and/or late-night questions.

Download for free for iOS and Android

Glow Baby

Glow baby app
Image: Glow.

If you’re looking for a solid tracking app, look no further than Glow Baby. With a clean interface and pediatrician-approved pattern charts, this application helps you monitor your baby’s feedings, diapers and sleep. Glow Baby also gives you customized insight into your baby’s development.

Download for free for iOS and Android

Baby Tracker

Baby tracker app
Image: Baby Tracker.

Much like Glow Baby, Baby Tracker offers a simple, streamlined way to chronicle your baby’s habits, health and “firsts.” But the best part? You can create up to six different nursing logs, which is perfect for moms of multiples.

Download for free for iOS and Android

The Wonder Weeks

Wonder Weeks App
Image: Wonder Weeks.

Perhaps the best $3.99 you’ll ever spend, The Wonder Weeks app — based on a book by the same name — will give you week-by-week updates on your child’s development, which is huge when your little love bug boycotts sleep to make a “developmental leap.” 

Download for $3.99 for iOS and Android


Peanut App

While caring for your newborn is important, so is self-care — which is where Peanut comes in. Deemed the app for modern motherhood, Peanut connects you with like-minded mamas from your community and across the globe. You can then talk, chat and even schedule playdates. 

Download for free for iOS and Android

Sprout Baby

Sprout Baby App
Image: Sprout Baby.

Another popular tracking app, Sprout’s all-in-one tool helps you keep tabs on baby’s daily activities and care. It’s also packed with a plethora of other useful resources, including a doctor visit fact sheet, growth chart and developmental milestones tracker.

Download for free for iOS and Android

InfantRisk Center Healthcare App, MommyMeds

MommyMeds App
Image: Infant Risk Center.

Breastfeeding parents, listen up: While this app may seem pricey, it’s worth its weight in gold. Why? Because InfantRisk Center’s MommyMeds app allows you to search over 20,000 prescription and non-prescription drugs and vitamins to see if they’re safe for both mom and babe. Plus, the app is updated daily. No more fear, shame or second-guessing.

Download for $9.99 for iOS and Android

Baby Sleep Sounds

Baby Sleep Sounds App
Image: Baby Sleep Sounds.

Struggling to get your wee one to sleep? With shushes, lullabies, white noise and a colorful nightlight, this app is a lifesaver. 

Download for free for iOS and Android


Owlet app
Image: Owlet.

While the Owlet app is not a stand-alone product — it requires the purchase of a $299 smart sock and/or the Owlet baby monitor — the fact that this app can track your baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels and movement is pretty groundbreaking. A must for worry-prone parents or those desperate to catch up on much-needed sleep.

Download for free for iOS and Android

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A version of this story was originally published October 14, 2019.