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Kelly Ripa Says Daughter Lola Was ‘Meant to Live Away’ From Home

Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, dropped daughter Lola off at NYU a month ago — and according to Ripa, Lola hasn’t looked back.

The Live With Kelly and Ryan cohost told her guest anchor Anderson Cooper that “dropping off” was really, in retrospect, the wrong terminology: “She jumped out of a moving car and was like, ‘Bye, bye, bye.'”

Ripa spoke with Cooper on the Tuesday, Oct. 1 episode of the popular ABC show. She confessed that Lola’s easy transition to college hasn’t surprised her in the least.

“She loves it. When she was a little girl, like three years old, she used to play dorm room in her bedroom,” Ripa said. “First she played sleepaway camp, then she played dorm room. So this is, like, a girl who was meant to live away from us. She was born to live outside of the house!”

Ripa posted a throwback pic of Lola and her for National Daughters Day — a glimpse of that younger Lola (melt), with the caption, “Im the luckiest to call you mine.”

Ripa confided to Ryan Seacrest earlier this month on On Air With Ryan Seacrest that she and Consuelos have decided that Lola should stay at college — despite living in the same city — until the holidays.

Their reasoning? “College is where you start establishing yourself as an independent person, so when… your kid goes off to college and your kid stays local… if she feels homesick, I have to say to her, ‘You can’t come home. You have to work it out… I treat it [like long-distance].”

We love this goodbye kiss shot from Ripa’s instagram — and something tells us that if Lola showed up on Ripa and Consuelo’s doorstep, all that tough love talk would go straight out the window. Just a hunch.


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