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Reese Witherspoon Busts Out Hilarious TikTok Dance Video Courtesy of Son Deacon

Like most of us mom-creatures, Reese Witherspoon has questions, people. Pressing, urgent questions, like, “What is TikTok?”

If you didn’t know, TikTok is a mega-popular social media platform right now with the teen set — and Witherspoon demanded that her son fill her in on the deets.

In an Instagram video, she tells her son, “Deacon, this is very important. I’ve brought you here because I have questions for you.”

Deacon’s response? A wry “Oh God.”

I have never related to a celebrity more, as “Oh God,” is the answer most frequently given when I ask my Gen Z daughters if I can ask them a question about something.

When his mom asks about the app, Deacon explains it as a “short-form video platform” for people who like to lip-sync to songs. That’s a pretty short-form answer, if you know anything about TikTok. I know a little bit because I too have asked. And asked. And tried to wrap my brain around it. The reluctant answer I got was, “Oh God. Mom. It’s like, well, there was Vine, right? And But, like, now there’s TikTok? And it used to be, like, inappropriate, but now it’s more mainstream, kind of? So don’t worry, we don’t do the inappropriate stuff.”

Deacon’s brief explanation definitely piques the interest of Witherspoon. “Should I be on TikTok?” she asks him with great enthusiasm. “Will you help me make a video for TikTok?” Being a dutiful son, Deacon agrees, and the results are soooo fantastic.

Her Instagram video includes the attempted TikTok filmmaking, with the caption: “@deaconphillippe tries to teach me how to Tik Tok [laugh emoji] I think I nailed it… .”

Witherspoon attempts all sorts of cool dance moves for her son’s approval, clearly amusing him with her, uh, less than dance-floor-ready vibe. Here’s what I love about Witherspoon: She gets it. She gets that parenting teens requires a complete willingness to shed any sense of dignity. All dignity must go out the window — and you must be willing to laugh at yourself for a few years, before they come back around and are laughing with you again, instead of at you. Facts, people. The sooner you realize it, the more painless the teen years will be.

At the end of the video, Reese tries to come up with a username for her TikTok account. The exchange is priceless. And deeply familiar to anyone used to discourse with teens:

“ReeseTik,” she suggests.

“No,” says Deacon.

“Reese Tok.”


“Reese to the Tik to the Tok.”

“Nope. Shhhhh, shh, shh, shh,” he says.

The whole clip is a rare and welcome glimpse into the Big Little Lies star’s close relationship with her son (whom she shares with ex Ryan Phillippe). Witherspoon also has a daughter, Ava Phillippe, 20, and a son, Tennessee, 7, with husband Jim Toth. (She and Tennessee groove together in another of Witherspoon’s Instagram videos.)

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Witherspoon’s TikTok video with Deacon was a smash hit with fans as well as many of her famous friends.

Reese Witherspoon's Instagram

Mindy Kaling wrote, “I’ve watched this nine times. You are so funny. I can’t believe how polite your son is.”

Jenna Bush Hager raved, “This is so good. Please teach me how to raise such well behaved kids.”

And Jessica Chastain enthused, “This is AMAZING.”

We completely agree. We love all the love we feel in this mother-son duo — and just how relatable Witherspoon manages to stay, despite how high her star has risen.

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