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Innovative Kids’ Night Lights That Do More Than Brighten Up a Room

When you turn off the light to go to sleep at night and the entire room goes dark, do you still get goosebumps? Admit it: Even adults fear the pitch blackness of nighttime, so imagine how your toddler or young child might feel when you wish them sweet dreams then switch off their lamp. Little ones don’t understand what happens when the lights go out — they just know they can’t see through the shadows. That’s where night lights come in. 

Remember when night lights were literally just miniature-sized lamps you could plug into the wall for a sliver of brightness to calm your fears or guide you through the dark on your way to the bathroom? Nowadays, night lights aren’t designed to put a bandaid over your child’s fear of the dark. No, the best night lights on Amazon are so high-tech, they automatically turn on and off according to the shift in daylight. Hatch Baby’s night light even operates at your command via smartphone controls. 

Of course, if you’re a firm believer that you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, there are some night lights, like LOFTer’s plug-in, that are your basic night lights (but better). There are also projector–night light hybrids that transform your child’s bedroom walls and ceiling into the night sky, while some night lights even include alarm clock features that teach your child the rhythms of a sleep schedule. 

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1. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light & Sound Machine

Here’s the thing about babies and toddlers: Typically you adapt to their schedule, and not the other way around. But if you’re a working mom that needs to be up and at ‘em at a certain time, the Hatch Baby’s three-in-one night light can help your little one adjust. 

The smart technology system caters to you and your child from the time they get home from the hospital with features like color, brightness, sound, volume, and alarms are all customizable from your smartphone (iOs and Android) and tablets running iOS. The Rest is a soft light for late night feedings, a nightlight for preschoolers, and features a time-to-rise program that gently signals your toddler or big kid when it’s time to wake up. And because the night light can be controlled from your device, you can adjust the settings without having to enter your little one’s room and dare disturb their slumber.

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Image: Amazon. Image: Amazon
Hatch Baby Rest Night Light & Sound Machine $69.99 on

2. Elmchee Universe Night Light Projection Lamp

For kids whose imaginations are out of this world, Elmchee’s Star Night Light will have them dreaming up intergalactic adventures in no time. By enveloping their space with constellations and planets, your little one can count the stars instead of sheep, but if galaxies far, far away won’t capture your kid’s attention, the night light also features magical universe and birthday-themed projections. The machine is battery-operated, running on either AA batteries or a USB connection, and unlike other projection nightlights that only display images on the ceiling, Elmchee’s version projects onto the wall as well.

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Elmchee Universe Night Light Projection Lamp $17.99 on

3. Moredig Night Light Projector Remote Control

This is way more than just something that illuminates the room. This fun light features fun animal designs that light up your child’s bedroom ceiling—there are even 12 built-in songs that create a next-level light show. The moving objects are sure to soothe your little one.

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Image: Moredig Store.

4. LOFTer Plug-In Night Light

They don’t make plug-in night lights like they used to — they’ve upgraded them. Exhibit A: This LOFTer Plug-In Night Light can either illuminate in eight different colors on rotation, or freeze on your child’s favorite hue (that is, until they change what said favorite is, of course).

The lamp also runs on a smart dusk-to-dawn sensor that automatically adjusts the lamp’s brightness to mirror the time of night or day, meaning you don’t have to manually switch it on and you end up saving energy. But the best part about a more traditional-style night light like LOFTer’s is that it can be re-used once your child has grown as a night light in the hallway, bathroom or kitchen.

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LOFTer Plug-In Night Light on

5. LittleHippo MELLA Ready to Rise Alarm Clock & Night Light

There will come a time where your little one isn’t so little anymore, and they might view night lights as childish. On that day, swap their kiddie light for LittleHippo’s MELLA Ready to Rise Alarm Clock that sneakily doubles as a night light (because you know they know they still need one). 

The night light/alarm clock hybrid features three alarm sounds, includes a silent countdown feature for timed activities and also uses colors and facial features to sleep train your child. In other words, the night light gives your little one the OK to rise, but also lets them know when it’s still bedtime so you can sleep in a little longer. 

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Image: Amazon. Image: Amazon
LittleHippo MELLA Ready to Rise Alarm Clock… $49.99 on

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