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How to have a slumber party for kids

Years ago, they use to be called slumber parties but in today’s modern world, they are now referred to as “sleepovers”. Whatever the name, great memories are made and good times are shared from these “girls only” get-togethers.


  • When the kids arrive, ask them to set up their sleeping bags right away.
  • Announce that no one can sleep on sofas or beds because it causes fighting sometimes.
  • Advise the kids to stay outside until it gets dark to get as much fresh air as they can before they are crammed in a room with a bunch of other people for the whole night.
  • Play outdoor games or organize a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood before dinner.
  • Rent a movie and make lots of popcorn beforehand.
  • Set up a “concession stand” in the room where the kids are watching the movie and give every guest a plate to load up with popcorn, candy and other treats.
  • Tell your child to avoid the game Truth or Dare, especially when some of the guests are very hyper. Truth can make people embarrassed about the questions being asked, and Dare can get out of hand.
  • If you have a younger child who might try to bug your older child’s guests, try to find something special for the younger siblings to do during the party. Maybe they can go on a camping trip with one of you, or to dinner and a movie. Your younger child might want to have a friend spend the night so they don’t feel so left out. Just make sure that it’s not a friend who would want to bug your older child’s guests, too!
  • Set out a few board games so the ones who don’t fall asleep right away can quietly keep themselves busy.
  • Get something special for breakfast, like doughnuts.