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Balanced Baby Names for Your Little Libra

With a reputation for fairness and a great love of beauty, Librans are arguably the classiest sign of the astrological wheel. An air sign and a cardinal sign of leadership, Libra is ruled by the lovey-dovey planet of Venus (known as “the morning star”). It’s symbolized by a set of scales (the weighing kind), as Librans value balanced thinking and justice above all. Librans also like to keep the peace at all costs. They’re charming people, sociable and elegant, so growing up in a harmonious environment is a must for these kids. A melodious name doesn’t hurt, either!

Got a little Libra on the way? Don’t stress. We’ve got some ideas for perfect Libra names for your late-September or early-October baby.


Adalet: Turkish for “justice, fairness.” Rare, but not too much of a mouthful, either, and there’s always the sweet “Ada” as a nickname.
Annissa/Anissa: Arabic for “gracious.” Her tea parties will be legendary.
Austrina: Get this: Austrina has nothing to do with Austria. In fact, it’s a valley on the planet of Venus. Yes, it also sounds like a cast member of The Hills, but that’s kind of why we dig it.
Autumn: When else can you use this gorgeous girl’s name? Get with it, fall parents.
Charis/Caris: Greek for “giver of graciousness.” How lovely is that?
Cosima: Greek for “perfect order” or “harmony,” with a Euro vibe that should garner her any number of Paris fashion house internships someday.
Danica/Danika: You can thank the Slavs for this “morning star” name (and Danica Patrick for making it cool).
Dove: Because nothing says “peace” like one of these beauties. And if Zooey Deschanel can name her daughter Elsie Otter, and there are Larks, Ravens, and Birdies, you can definitely have a Dove. We say so. And so does Pamela Redmond Satran of Nameberry (a fab source for name inspiration). “Bird names are the hottest of the hot animal names category, and Dove is an original choice with a beautiful meaning. It can work for boys, too!” Satran tells SheKnows.
Estella/Stella: Also means “star,” but with that great Tennessee Williams old-timey vibe, all silk slips and vanity tables.
Gwenydd/Gweneth/Gwyneth: “Morning star,” by way of Wales. You don’t have to spell it like Goop’s fearless leader, but hey, if you vibe with her we’re not going to judge.
Hannah: Hebrew for “grace.” You also can’t get more balanced than a name that’s a beautiful palindrome.
Irene: Greek for “messenger of peace.” No Burn Books with this dear girl, no way.
Jemima: Hebrew for “dove” (also the name of Jemima Kirke, one of our favorite Girls).
Justina: A derivative of “justice,” what better way to celebrate a Libra girl?
Kanisha: An African name, meaning “beautiful.” It really is.
Mabel: So vintage, it’s ready for a resurgence. Plus the meaning is perfection: “lovable.”
Melina: Greek gorgeousness, meaning “gentle.”
Nerine: Greek for “sea-born,” which is a nice touch for a sign with a ruling planet personified by a goddess who rises up out of the sea on a half shell.
Olive/Olivia: Get it? Olive branch? There you go. You’re getting the hang of this.
Paloma: Spanish for “dove.” Who knew? Besides Picasso, we mean. And some bartender, who turned it into a cocktail.
Rebecca/Rebeccah: Hebrew for “peacemaker.” A perennial classic and a serious contender for any Libra girl.
Serena: Meaning “serene,” of course. Which you will surely be at 3 a.m., when your new Libra bebe is fast asleep, per usual. (Well, we can dream with you.)
Violet/Violette/Violetta: Turns out Violet is Venus’s flower, making this the perfect floral name for your new daughter.
Zulema/Zulima: Possibly Arabic, possibly Hebrew, this pretty name means “peace” — and nicknames include Lee, Lima, or simply Z.


Alfred: An Old English name long out of vogue but worth another look in our book. Meaning “good counsel,” it also offers a sweet nickname: Alfie.
Avidan: This one comes from the Hebrew for “God is just,” and we love the surprisingly modern edge and sleek sound of it.
Bellamy: A fantastic gender-fluid option, Bellamy is French for “beautiful friend,” something Librans make in spades.
Calum/Callum: Who doesn’t groove on a bit of Scottish, a bit of Gaelic in their baby name list? Calum hails from the highlands, carrying the gorgeous meaning of “dove-like, peaceful.”
Carey: Cornish for “beloved.” Awwww.
Coleman: Well, if it sounds like a Calum and it coos like a Calum, it must be a Calum: Yep, Coleman also means dove, derived from Latin.
Conrad: Strong and sensible, Conrad’s Teutonic mojo definitely backs up its “wise counselor” meaning. This kid wouldn’t let anyone get bullied on the pre-K playground.
Daniel: A Biblical classic, meaning “my judge is God.” Danielle is lovely for girls too.
Gareth: You don’t have to speak Welsh to read this one out loud, whew. Gareth may be Welsh’s easiest word to pronounce, and its meaning couldn’t be more Libran: “gentle man.”
Justin: Hey, it’s not just for J.T., you know. But Justus and Justice are other derivatives that are fair game.
Miles: Is it Latin? Teutonic? Both? Sources disagree, but the meaning is supposedly “grace” or “mild.”
Ramiro: Spanish, meaning “a great judge.” But not, you know, judgey.
Ramon: Another Spanish winner, “protecting judge.” We don’t know what that is, but surely the world needs more of them. Ramona is a great choice for a girl, too.
Renfred: “Mighty but peaceful,” from Old English, back when there was more might than peace. Again: We vote for a world full of Ramons and Renfreds, stat, please.
Romeo: If it’s good enough for David and Victoria Beckham, it’s good enough for your baby. Librans are swoony, and this is the ultimate swoony name. We’ll just forget about that messy ending, okay?
Solomon: A wise and peaceful king is a perfect namesake for any Libra. And Sol is a nickname with serious old-school swag.

See any you like? Think of any perfect Libra names we missed? Weigh in! (See what we did there?) And don’t be afraid to steal from our Leo or Virgo baby name lists, either. We’re cool like that.

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