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Alanis Morissette Shares Beautiful Pic of Breastfeeding While Husband Kisses Son

In case being a Grammy-Award-winning musician, a veritable poet, a Weeds star (what, did you miss that? GO BACK AND WATCH NOW) and a Canadian weren’t enough to earn Alanis Morissette some serious cool-AF-mom cred, she’s also become something of a breastfeeding awareness activist. From blurry on-the-road breastfeeding while on tour in 2012 to sharing the snuggliest photo for last month’s World Breastfeeding Week, only to have it be met by trolls (ugh) — ain’t nothing going to come between Morisette’s kids and their need to feed.

This week, she may well have outdone herself with the breastfeeding cuteness, sharing a photo of her son, not-even-a-month-old Winter Mercy Morissette-Treadway, nursing away while his dad Mario “Souleye” Treadway kisses his fuzzy lil head. I mean, when Morissette wrote/sang about “unabashedly bawling [our] eyes out,” we’re pretty sure this wasn’t the subject matter she meant, but oh well here we are crying anyway.

She captioned the shot simply, “The fourth trimester,” and added the hashtags #attachment #skinonskin #heartbeat #connection #foundationfortherestofyourlife #attachmentexplorationidentitycompetence.

Oh Alanis, you slay us. Did we mention this badass mom is 45 years old? Which we would not mention if it weren’t for the fact that far too much of society/the medical profession/our parents spend way too much time and energy harping on women to “get going” on having kids in their 20s / early 30s, as if our uteruses were all tied to a lit fuse that explodes on precisely our 35th birthdays. Anyway, Morissette is proof positive that new-motherhood is just as much of a joy — and a struggle, and a celebration, and a milky mess — well into your 40s as it is at any other damn time.

Morissette and Treadway also share 3-year-old Onyx Solace and 8-year-old Ever Imre, clearly earning them hella points in the celebrity baby names category of life. We can’t wait for the family band to hit the road on tour in T-minus, oh, 16 years or so?

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