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You Can Now Get Affordable Used Kids Fashion Shipped to Your Door

We’re so fed up with paying high prices for kids’ clothes — clothes that they grow out of in a hot second and require replacing. It’s just so much money and so much waste. Did you know that the U.S. will produce 34.5 billions — yes, billions — of textile waste by the end of 2019? That’s a staggering number, and not one that we’re proud to contribute to as parents.

So how’s a parent supposed to keep kids clothed — inexpensively — while being gentle on the planet at the same time? This was a conundrum in the past, but we’re over the moon to learn about Kids on 45th, a company founded by eco-passionate mothers that curates boxes of gently used kids’ clothes and sends them to your front door. No dragging kicking, screaming toddlers or sullen preteens through the local mall. Plus, you’ll save a bunch (and we mean a bunch) while saving the planet from gagging on yet more textile waste that had plenty of life left in it. Win-win-win!

Here’s how Kids on 45th works: More than 600 brands you already know and trust are offered by the company (Gap, Nike, Carters, etc.). But instead of paying top dollar, you’ll be paying less than you would thrift shopping. Occasionally Kids on 45th will add a new item to your box, too — no complaining here.

Prices are super sweet: think $1.49 for baby items, maxing out at $12.99 for, say, outerwear for big kids. The average item price tends to fall in that $3–$8 range. With prices like that, you could be saving up to 90 percent (!!!) on clothes for your family. Imagine scoring 20 items for $60. It’s almost unthinkable, right? Plus shipping is just $2.99. Spend more than $65, and shipping is free, people. And? They have a super cute Instagram account that alerts you to sales and encourages customer interaction. Love.

We can so get behind this mission (and its adorable aesthetics):

Now, there is a subscription service, but that’s an option, not a must. One of the cool features of Kids on 45th is that you can make a style profile and request clothes your kid will actually wear. So no unpleasant surprises like a box full of dresses for a little girl who only wears leggings and her brother’s t-shirts.

Where do the clothes come from? Great question. Kids on 45th says the company sources clothing from all over the country. Stylists employed by the company sniff out fab finds and snatch them up to be divvied up into customer boxes. Plus that “gently used” thing really means just that: “gently.” Each piece of clothing gets checked by five quality managers before it’s allowed into a client’s box, so don’t fear your kids looking shabby with pilling or missing buttons.

Kids on 45th is also celebrating the back-to-school season with donations made to Donors Choose. For every Kids on 45th box they sell online, the company will donate five bucks to classrooms and teachers desperately in need of supplies. How fab is that?

The company also has a brick-and-mortar store in Seattle, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the area.

Want other ways to avoid buying new? This guide for new parents will tell you which secondhand supplies are just fine for your newborn. And there are plenty of back-to-school items you can also skip dropping a fortune on.

We’re all for saving money — especially when it means the planet’s a little happier too.

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