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Princess Charlotte Is Still Addicted to Peppa Pig, As Is Every Child

If you thought royalty (particularly royalty with a British accent) would be immune to the charms of animated character Peppa Pig, well, we’re here to tell you: You’re mistaken, friends. Apparently Princess Charlotte — the secondborn of Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate of Cambridge — is still besotted with Peppa, like many of her peers across the globe. And it’s been a rather long-term love affair. One read of the tagline for the Twitter page for Peppa Pig tells us all we need to know about why Charlotte may feel a kinship with Peppa: “Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.” Soooo… Peppa just needs a baby brother Louis, really.

Catherine, Princess of Wales and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
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If you don’t know Peppa the Pig, well, it’s an animated British kids’ show involving a messy, snorty, giggly, muddy pig who gets up to all sorts of hijinks. Considering the fact that Princess Charlotte has frequently been photographed being sassy and sticking her tongue out at the media (and being reprimanded by her mother for such behavior), we think she’s definitely in touch with her inner Peppa.

Turns out Princess Charlotte’s mother, the Duchess of Cambridge (yes, you can still call her Kate Middleton in your head, we do) has a weakness for cute little pigs too, as evidenced by this adorable farm outing in Arlington, England with the students from the Vauxhall Primary School. Kate can be seen deftly wielding a “pig board,” used to herd pigs in various directions in their pens. This was the very outing where Duchess Kate allegedly first revealed her daughter’s great love of Peppa Pig back in 2017:

During this farm visit, according to Hello! Magazine, Duchess Kate was presented with a birthday card for Princess Charlotte, created by the students of Vauxhall. Hello! also reported that the duchess was delighted by the card and let the students in on the secret: Charlotte was crazy about Peppa Pig, who graced the card.

But here’s the really charming bit: Although Prince George has reportedly grown out of his Peppa phase, Princess Charlotte was easily bribed with a promise of a viewing of Peppa Pig and some Smarties (kind of the British answer to M&Ms), along with a crew of other kids, to be on best behavior and stay quiet as a church mouse during her Uncle Harry and Meghan Markle’s big wedding in 2018. This adorable tidbit was divulged by Claudia Bradby, a jewelry designer, to People.

It’s also been reported that Princess Charlotte (called Lottie by her mum) and her brothers only get one hour each of TV a day — and she chooses to spend hers on Peppa Pig. We also heard royal insider rumors that Princess Charlotte’s 4th birthday this May was Peppa Pig-themed, but we can’t prove it, though Prince William told ITV he expected a “rowdy party with lots of friends” for the princess — something very Peppa-esque indeed.

The best part about this love story? It’s not unrequited. Peppa Pig is apparently just as in love with Princess Charlotte, as judged by this official Facebook post from Peppa back in 2017:

You know it’s a great love affair when memes are being made about it and swapped on Twitter. Please excuse the decidedly unroyal language, but we admit it, we had a commoner snort over this one:

And tbh, we also want to know how Kate and Wills explained Granny making an appearance in this episode:

Now that’s an interesting plot twist we’re betting Princess Charlotte didn’t see coming.

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