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Alanis Morissette Shares Intimate Photo to Destigmatize Breastfeeding

Singer Alanis Morissette is one devoted breastfeeder — and she’s determined to destigmatize breastfeeding for all mothers. The Canadian native posted a gorgeous closeup shot of her nursing her infant son, Winter Mercy, on Instagram this past Saturday. Morissette shares Winter with husband Mario “Souleye” Treadway.

She captioned the photo, “Snug as a bug in a milky rug,” adding the hashtags “#worldbreastfeedingmonth” and “#notalwayseasypeasy.” She also included a breastfeeding emoji (what? who knew? we need to get that, stat) and tagged in her post three other Instagram feeds: Stop Censoring Motherhood, The Badass Breastfeeder, and Normalize Breastfeeding Official.

We stan Morissette and all her accomplishments, hard. Not only has she kept motherhood real when it comes to postpartum depression, she’s keeping it 100 when it comes to breastfeeding, too:

Of course, there were trolls. You knew there had to be trolls, right? One commenter sniffed, “Just because its [sic] natural doesn’t mean we need a close up shot of it. I mean, pooping is natural too [poop emoji].”

Yeah, but poop doesn’t feed the world and prevent childhood diseases, troll, so maybe settle the hell down.

Others felt the picture was too personal: “It’s an intimate time between mom and child not mom child and the world.” Unless, like Morissette, you’re trying to make just that point: that breastfeeding is as normal as eating in public with your family.

Fortunately, we are far from the only ones who swooned over this post celebrating breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Month. One supportive commenter raved, “This is a special time and we women need to treasure it. All the haters can shush. We got no time for that nonsense. Breastfeeding is NATURAL. It’s NORMAL. Breasts are primarily NOT a sexual thing. They are meant to give our babies the best nutrition possible. Our bodies alter the milk in real time to give the baby antibodies, fat & nutrients that they need.” BOOM! That’s more like it.

Morissette is right: Breastfeeding is not always easy peasy, and we love that she acknowledged that fact in her post. When it works, it’s great — but we know it’s not the right choice for every mama, and that’s okay too. We’re just glad she’s added her voice to the conversation to destigmatize and normalize — and desexualize — breastfeeding.

Morissette’s not the only celeb to lend her voice — and image — to the discussion this year: check out Gisele Bundchen’s beautiful offering. We hope there will be more this month!


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