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Olivia Wilde Wants Your Laundry Tips for Her Daughter’s ‘Frozen’ Dress

If you thought your kid was the only one still sleeping in an Elsa dress every night, Olivia Wilde would like you know that you are very much not alone — and she’d love your laundry advice. Wilde’s daughter, Daisy, insisted on wearing the dress throughout a recent trip to London with her mother and brother, as Wilde showed in several adorable Instagram posts:

“Quick Q: how many times can you wash an Elsa dress before her powers are released, triggering a new ice age, and/or the dress rips?” the Booksmart director wrote in her Aug. 9 post. She also captioned the pic of daughter Daisy, 2, and son Otis, 5, (both with fiance Jason Sudeikis, an SNL alum and actor) as “My people.”

Famous pal Reese Witherspoon responded, “Infinite washes” while artist and director Sam Taylor Johnson responded, “It miraculously never gives up its seams.” Aussie food stylist Cecilia Bloom wrote to Wilde, “The powers stay strong. Very strong. Stronger when ripped, stained and falling apart, apparently.. you’re in for a long haul.”

Fans also weighed in, recommending that Wilde purchase a backup Elsa dress on Amazon, just in case. One follower quipped, “Just don’t wash it in warm/hot water. The cold will never bother it anyway however.”

Wilde also posted a shot of Daisy wearing the Elsa dress in a boat (wearing a life vest, don’t get all shame-y, now) with her finger rammed up her nose. The caption? “Daisy loves London. Really hoping to meet the Queen.”

Wilde’s mom humor game is strong. And Daisy’s love of her Elsa dress is even stronger. Wilde posted another shot earlier in July of Daisy sporting the frock, with the caption, “It’s been a Frozen summer.”

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It’s been a Frozen summer. 🐣

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Fellow celeb mama Jennifer Garner commented, “We’ve all been there. Snowblowswhiteonthemountaintonight. Used to be one word in my house. You’ve got a cutie on your hands. xxx.”

Yup, we’ve all been there for sure. That’s just the power of Frozen. We also second the buy-a-backup-dress wisdom — and the only-cold-water (Elsa-frozen-fractal-cold) laundry advice.

Recently Wilde tweeted about some other help she received when her son was having a massive meltdown in a restaurant and strangers came to her aid. “I can’t wait to do this for someone else. Humans are good. We can’t forget that,” Wilde tweeted about the incident. We love her ability to ask for help — even in jest — and to receive help gracefully. This parenting stuff is hard, but Wilde keeps it real — and she’s at the top of our #momcrush list for exactly that reason. P.S. Sudeikis keeps it real too (like trolling Wilde for terrifying their son at Disney). These two are definitely rocking the parenting gig, meltdowns, dirty Elsa dresses, and all.


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