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This Kid’s Accidental “Happy Birthday, Loser” Cake is Every Parent’s Hilarious Nightmare

What started out as a charming way to include a two-year-old’s nickname on her birthday cake turned into a hilarious photo op for a Missouri mom.

Melin Jones calls her daughter Elizabeth “Lizard,” and asked that a Walmart employee include the nickname on her birthday cake. When she picked it up, she didn’t think to check to see the birthday salutations were correct. Only when she got home did she realize that the cake didn’t say “Happy Birthday Lizard!” Instead, it read “Happy Birthday Loser.”

“I was a little shocked, but after a few seconds, I couldn’t stop laughing,” Jones told People about the discovery. She then snapped a picture of her daughter looking a bit dejected at the cake to send to her husband. She also posted the picture to Facebook but then deleted it, worried she could get the Walmart employee in trouble. She only re-uploaded the cake a few months later after she added it to a Facebook group called Sad Sales and it started getting attention there.

The post has since gone viral, with Jones having to edit the post to say that, no, Elizabeth can’t read, they didn’t tell her the cake said “loser,” and she got a new cake for her actual birthday. And with so many inevitable mishaps and misadventures in parenting, we’re glad that the Jones family could see the humor in the situation and have some fun with it. In her original post to Sad Sales, Jones also added “I ate every bit of that loser cake.” Which might be the best response after having a little harmless fun with a toddler who has no idea that a piece of confectionary is bullying them.

“A lot of people have reached out to me to tell me it made them laugh harder than they have in a long time, or that they were having a bad day at work until reading it and so on,” Jones also told People. The post’s popularity within Sad Sales has even inspired an enamel pin of the loser cake if you want to enjoy the loser cake wherever you go.

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